Where Are Ex-Memorial Nurses Today? Update

Apple TV+’s medical drama ‘Five Daysat Memorial’ revolves around the true story of the discovery of forty-five dead bodies in a New OrleansA building that accommodates Memorial Medical CenterLifeCare Hospitals after Hurricane KatrinaThe subsequent flood. InIn reality, several bodies found with lethal doses were exposed to drugs. MemorialHospital building, which led to the arrest Dr. Anna PouNurses Lori BudoAnd Cheri LandryFour deaths were connected. SinceThe deaths were allegedly caused by the nurses. Viewers will be interested to learn more about the two nurses and their current location. WellLet’s share our knowledge!

WhoAre Lori BudoAnd Cheri Landry?

Lori BudoAnd Cheri LandryAs a surgical intensive care unit nurse Memorial Medical CenterThe time of Hurricane KatrinaThe subsequent flood. AfterAfter the discovery of the bodies, autopsies were done and morphine was found in nine bodies. In July 2006, BudoAnd LandryAlong with Dr. Anna PouThey were charged with four counts each of second-degree murder after allegedly administering lethal doses to four LifeCare patients. AsPer the eponymous source texts of the show, written and edited by Sheri FinkAccording to the investigators, BudoAnd Landry were Pou’s accomplices.

Cheri Landry, Dr. Anna Pou, Lori Budo//Image CreditKLTV

AtThe time of Landry’s arrest, she was working at a local hospital, and BudoShe was at home with her husband, two teenage children, and was arrested. ToFinancial assistance BudoAnd LandryA support fund was created by nurses who had previously worked with them. BudoAnd Landrymonthly allowances to pay bills, food, and clothes, as well as other financial gifts. MeanwhileThree out of four families of the victims filed lawsuits against the nurses. BudoAnd LandryIn return for not being prosecuted, they were served subpoenas to appear before the grand jury.

TheAppeal challenging the subpoenas BudoAnd LandryRefused by Louisiana Supreme CourtThey were able to testify before a special grand jury in exchange for immunity. AccordingRefer to the original text Landry testified that she “had injected up to four of the LifeCare patients on the seventh floorAnd two patients on the second floor” without being familiar with the medical conditions of the LifeCare patients. She also added that she believed all of them were “going to die”And assumed that they had do-not-resuscitate orders.

Budo testified that she was “unaware of the medical conditions of the patients on the seventh floor or their DNR statuses, but they appeared to be dying,” as per the source text of the show. She added that she had “injected two of them with morphine and midazolam.”

Where Are Lori Budo and Cheri Landry Now?

After getting immunity, Lori Budo and Cheri LandryContinued to work as a nurse. Asper Sheri Fink’s source text, when Memorial Medical CenterIt was restarted as Ochsner Baptist Medical Centerunder the new ownership Ochsner Health System, BudoAnd LandryEventually, they became nurses in the hospital. In 2012, FinkI visited the hospital and was able to recall what I saw. BudoAnd Landry’s smiling faces on the bulletin board in the staff room at the place in her book.

In 2010, Budo published ‘Katrina Through Our Eyes: StoriesFrom Inside Baptist Hospital,’ a fictionalized account of Memorial’s ICU staff and their families, based on their experiences in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. InThe book contains almost all fictionalized names of staff members, with the exception of hers. BudoSince then, he has chosen to remain out of the spotlight. WhileWriting the source text for the show. FinkAttempted to interview repeatedly Budo but the latter declined the author’s request through her lawyer. Both BudoAnd LandryThey have chosen to keep their private lives secret and not use social media.

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