Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Today? Update

TheInvestigating the murder of Jose Luis CabezasA photographer for the magazine, Noticias, led the police to Gustavo PrellezoThe triggerman. AtThey suspected that he was acting under orders of Alfredo YabranInfluential Argentine businessman. ButIt was the testimony of Gustavo’s then-wife, Silvia BelawskyThat was the crucial connection. Netflix’s ‘The Photographer: MurderIn Pinamar’ chronicles what happened in the aftermath of Jose’s murder andThe fate of those involved. So, if you’re wondering where Gustavo and Silvia are today, we’ve got you covered!

Who Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky?

After JoseHe was shot to death andIn January1997. The investigation suggested that a gang was involved. Los Hornos, Argentina, who were hired by Gustavo Prellezo, a police officer. WhileThe motive was initially unclear, but a quick look at his phone records revealed that the puzzle had been solved. AsPer the show GustavoMade several calls to a number that was tracked to Gregorio Rios, Alfredo’s head of security.

Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Today? Update

LessMore than a year prior to the murder JosePublished a photograph of AlfredoIn Noticias. HeHe was known for refusing to take his photo back then. SoThere was a possible motive for the authorities. ApartOne of the gang members was identified by phone records. Hector RetanaHe told police he was involved in an altercation with Jose’s kidnapping and GustavoHe was summoned.

ItIt was later revealed that JoseHe was kidnapped and taken from outside his home January 25 andThen, take to General MadariagaIn Argentina. There, Gustavo shot him twice andAccording to HectorLater, he told the rest not to talk about it. Then, Silvia BelawskyTo, who was also married to GustavoThen, back then andAlso a police officer, he agreed to provide more information for the authorities. SheHe was arrested with the rest. andA witness said that she had requested information regarding Jose’s background in December 1996.

In 1998, SilviaTestimony: GustavoShe confessed to her regarding Jose’s murder. HeI told her that Alfredo was the one who ordered it because the businessman wasn’t happy about the photograph being published. AccordingTo Silvia, GustavoWere aware AlfredoSince January 1995 andWe would be happy to meet up periodically. HeIt even worked! AlfredoAt some point.

SilviaShe also added that her husband of the past accepted gifts from Alfredo andShe had asked her to get more information about JoseIn December 1996. InIn her statement, she stated that Gustavo and GregorioHad burned down a house in Pinamar, ArgentinaOn Alfredo’s orders. RegardingWhy? Silvia didn’t come forward with this information before, she said that GustavoThreatened her andShe feared for her safety and her daughter. TheAnother ex-police officer said that GustavoHe forced her to provide an excuse for her.

Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Now?

GustavoWas found guilty of murder Jose, andIn February2000, he was sent to prison for life. WhileHe studied to become an attorney behind bars. In September2010. A judge agreed that they should have GustavoAfter he reported his health problems, he was placed under house arrest. He had a herniated disk. andTrouble breathing In 2017, GustavoConditional release was granted. Then, Jose’s family stated that he had been registered as a lawyer since August 2018, something they weren’t happy with.

Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Today? Update

So, Jose’s family complained, wanting GustavoUntil his sentence is over, he cannot practice law. SoIn November2020, the Public Bar AssociationHe was removed from registration. A report from January2022 was the indicated year. GustavoWas living in Los Hornos. AsFor SilviaShe was acquitted in the murder, but she was convicted of defrauding an insurer by reporting the car used in the crime as stolen. For that, SilviaHe was sentenced for four years in prison andIn publication February 2000. IfAccording to reports, she is now living in La Plata, Argentina.

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