Where Are Jennifer and Kristina Beard Today? Update

As a docuseries that delves deep into compelling real-life cases from both sides of an offense (without any significant bias), ABC’s ‘Who Do You Believe?’ is as chaotic as it is intriguing. ThusEpisode 3 of its debut episode features the horrific 1999 murder of self-made millionaire. Steven BeardThrough a set up by his wife Celeste BeardIt is the same with. SoIf you want to learn more about these two women who have believed in each other since childhood, click here Celeste’s wrongful hand in the matter — her daughters Jennifer and Kristina — we’ve got the details for you.

Who Are Jennifer and Kristina Beard?

Jennifer and KristinaA set of identical twins, born between the early 1980s and 17-year-olds. Celeste Beard Johnson andHer first husband, the welder, was her first of many. Craig Bratcher. As per the girls’ accounts, when their parents’ marriage failed, their mother jumped from state to state with them andThey tied the knot multiple times along the way, which weakened their bond. That’s because the sisters claim they were thoroughly neglected — not only did they rarely receive any love or affection from CelesteBut Jennifer can’t even properly “remember the last time we hugged.”

Where Are Jennifer and Kristina Beard Today? Update
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Celeste andHer daughters moved to TexasFollowing her third failed union, she met her husband shortly thereafter in 1993. andMarried widower Steven Bearda man over 35 years of age. WhileHe was truly looking for companionship, but she was only after his money. Jennifer and Kristina, whom he’d legally adopted a month before they turned 18. “HeIt was very funny. I really got attached to him,” the latter once said about her stepfather, admitting that apart from providing the twins with some much-needed stability, he also treated them like family.

ThereforeSincerely, Steven’s shooting undeniably affected both Jennifer and KristinaThey were also quick to name their suspect Celeste’s friend Tracey TarltonWhen interviewed. While the latter noticed her mother “just didn’t seem upset,” her sister began recording what she believed to be abusive phone calls from her, telling her she’d “hired someone to kill Tracey,” soon leading them to connect the dots. TheySome even claimed that their mother would often use drugs. Steven’s food or drinks to ensure she could sneak out to Tracey’s at night.

Where Are Jennifer and Kristina Beard Now?

Jennifer and KristinaTheir mother was murdered in 2002. They testified against her, and she described all the details above. Celeste’s defense was that her daughters were greedy as well as manipulative. TheThree of them were named explicitly Steven’s will, alongside his children from his first marriage, so Celeste’s conviction guaranteed the girls a share of their mother’s inheritance — an estimated $2 million. ButNeither the prosecutors nor judge or jury believed this. Jennifer and KristinaThey were motivated by money and did not want justice.

Where Are Jennifer and Kristina Beard Today? Update

Coming to the twins’ current whereabouts, although both Jennifer and KristinaAlthough they prefer to keep their lives out of the spotlight, we do know that another tragedy occurred in 2017. TheShe shot former along with two others multiple times. HalloweenParty in Austin, Texas, October29 by her then roommate Randall Jones.

One of the victims sadly didn’t survive, and JenniferShe required ten operations to recover from the stomach wounds, which left her with a lot of trouble with her stamina. AccordingTo KristinaShe has made a successful life for herself. CaliforniaAs Kristina FritzHer sister is unable to work anymore. andShe is therefore reliant on her for financial support.

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