Where Are Jerry and Marge Selbee Now? Are They Still Together?

Paramount+’s comedy film ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’ depicts the true story of Jerry and Marge SelbeeA couple who tapped into a loophole within the system of the CashWinFall lottery, based on MassachusettsTo make an amazing profit TheThe film starts by showing how it looks. JerryThe flaw was discovered in Michigan’s WinfallLottery draws andHow he was able find the exact same in CashWinFall was discontinued after the former game was phased out. SinceThe film covers only the basics Jerry and Marge’s lives until the early 2010s, the viewers must be eager to know about the current whereabouts of the couple. WellLet’s share everything you need!

Who Are Jerry and Marge Selbee?

Jerry and Marge SelbeeHere are some examples of a couple that are based in Evart, Michigan. AfterRetirement from Kellogg’s, JerryA new chapter in his life began in EvartBy opening a convenience store. In 2003, JerryI was curious about WinfallThe lottery game of, which is based in Michigan. UponGoing through the systems andStructures of the game JerryThe same had a flaw. He found out that the “roll down” system of the lottery assured profit to a lottery taker if the amount of tickets bought is high enough. JerryHe bet thousands to prove his discovery. andProfits. HeHis wife was told MargeThe flaw was discovered by the person who joined him in his venture.

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Jerry and MargeFounded a company named GS Investment StrategiesLLC for lottery transactions. SeveralFamily members and friends became the couple’s shareholders. WithIncreased capital for tickets Jerry and MargeAlso, they began to increase their profit. When Michigan discontinued WinfallThe couple began to buy. CashWinFall tickets starting at Massachusetts. Jerry and MargePurchased lottery tickets for nine year andThe gross profit before taxes was $7.75 million. When The Boston GlobePublished a story about the flaw in the system CashWinFall is the then MassachusettsThe sale of lottery tickets was stopped by the state treasurer.

Where Are Jerry and Marge Selbee Today? Are They Still Together?

Yes, Jerry and Marge SelbeeThey are still together. TheThey were married for their final CashWinFall is a game January 2012. When CashWinFall was closed down, and the couple began a construction financing company. JerryIn 2005, the bank began lending money to the builders. Traverse City, Michigan. InAn interview from 2018. JerryName MargeHe was one of his most important investors. HeThe multistate was in his hands. PowerballJackpot and even tried to discover a system to pick “hot” numbers but to no avail. UsingThey made a lot of money. Jerry and MargeRenovated their house andTheir 14 grandchildren and 6 children were helped. and 10 great-grandchildren.

Where Are Jerry and Marge Selbee Now? Are They Still Together?
Image Credit: 60 Minutes/YouTube

Jerry and Marge still live in Evart, Michigantogether with several of their former shareholders. TheThey continue to keep in touch with their former colleagues. When CashWinFall came to an end. Jerry and Margehad to return to normalcy. This continues even today. “Life didn’t change at all. InIt actually slowed down due to the fact that we [Jerry and Marge] didn’t have anything to do for that two weeks out of six,” JerrySubmitted New York Post. “WeWe continued to go to breakfast every morning, we continued having coffee with friends, and I continued to play poker alongside my buddies and life was just back to normal,” he added.

Jerry and MargeAttended the premier of the film at The Tribeca Film FestivalTogether in June2022, and the cast members of the same. The Winfall and CashWinFall Adventures gave the couple the chance to be successful in something that would benefit them and their family. and friends.

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