Where Are Jose Luis Nieva & Joseph Noel Godin Now?

TheCity of Houston, TexasA 23-year-old man was murdered and he witnessed it. Raul MendozaHe was killed before being dumped in Buffalo Bayou. AlthoughAlthough authorities were able to recover his body, leads proved difficult to find until a tip led the police in the right direction. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Swamp Murders: Secret Rendezvous’ chronicles the horrifying incident and shows how the police investigation honed in on the killers. Let’s take a closer look at the case and find out more, shall we?

How Did Raul Mendoza Die?

KnownYou are a vibrant, down-to-earth person. Raul MendozaHe was only 23 years old when he died. PeopleWho were familiarized with RaulHe was described as a kindhearted, generous person who smiled at everyone and was always willing to help. MoreoverThe 23-year-old was an a. Navy VeteranHis profession and he were very well-known in his community, where they are deeply missed. Raul MendozaLast seen on March15th June 2006: Police were called to his address after witnesses saw him in an altercation nearby his car.

HoweverOnce the authorities arrived on the scene RaulHe was never seen again, and he never returned home to his family, leaving them anxious, worried, and bewildered. Once Raul’s close ones reported him missing, the police began searching around the place he was last seen. ReportsThey claim that detectives used all available facilities and did not leave any stone unturned in their efforts. YetThere was no news about the missing 23 year-old. As the hours passed, the hope of finding him eventually faded. RaulIt was difficult to come back safe and sound.

UltimatelyOn March 19, 2006, TexasEquuSearch teams searched all over the Buffalo BayouA human body was spotted floating in the water by an aerial drone. AuthoritiesThe rescue operation was immediately initiated and the body was brought to shore. AlthoughThe victim was quickly identified. Raul MendozaIt was obvious that he had died a long time ago. MoreoverAn autopsy revealed that RaulHe was shot twice in the head at close range, which resulted in his death.

Who Killed Raul Mendoza?

UnfortunatelyThe police did not have any leads and the initial investigation was slow. AlthoughWitnesses to the altercation were able to see it from their homes. RaulHe was involved in the disappearance of another man. BesidesPeople who knew MendozaHe maintained that he had an amicable relationship, so a suspect was not immediately suggested.

Jose Luis Nieva

NeverthelessOnce detectives had sat down for an interview, Raul’s sister, she gave them a tip that pointed them in the direction of two individuals named Jose Luis NievaAnd Joseph Noel Godin. AsPer the show NievaAnd GodinThey were with Raulon the day of their disappearance. BothThe men were believed to be involved in the altercation. WithAuthorities had a solid lead and were able to catch the suspects quickly. They brought them in for questioning.

InitiallyBoth NievaAnd GodinThey insisted on their innocence, claiming they had nothing to do. Raul’s disappearance or murder. YetAfter being put under intense interrogation by law enforcement officers, the two broke down and admitted to having witnessed the incident. However, interestingly, NievaIt was claimed that it was GodinWho pulled the trigger? GodinHe did his best to shift the blame onto others. Nieva. NeverthelessAuthorities believed they were both involved and arrested them both.

Where Are Jose Luis NievaAnd Joseph Noel Godin Now?

Where Are Jose Luis Nieva & Joseph Noel Godin Now?
Joseph Noel Godin

OnceBoth produced in court Jose Luis NievaAnd Joseph Noel GodinThey were convicted of murder. AsA result NievaServed 40 years in prison. GodinHe was sentenced to a period of 45 years in prison in 2007. Currently, NievaIs still in prison at the Texas DepartmentThis is Criminal Justice Huntsville UnitIn Huntsville, Texas, and will be eligible to parole in 2026. OnOn the other side, GodinHe is currently behind bars at the W. J. “Jim” Estelle UnitIn HuntsvilleHe will be eligible to appeal for parole by 2028.

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