Where are Lisa Graham and Kenneth Walton Now? Update

While there’s no denying that (statistically) it’s not absolute strangers you need to worry about when it comes to homicides, it is still the most surprising andThe most horrible betrayal of all. That’s because no one ever truly expects the people they know, trust, and appreciate to turn into blatant liars, manipulators, or exploiters — simply the biggest curse to their entire existence. HoweverThe case of Stephanie Graham, as profiled in ‘Someone You Thought You Knew: The BodyOn Bowden Road,’ is proof it happens. So now let’s find out more about the matter, shall we?

How Did Stephanie “Shea” Graham Die?

At20 is the average age Stephanie “Shea” GrahamA seemingly average youngster, she had an active social life and optimistic dreams for the future of her world and herself. SheA passionate supporter of The DaughtersYou can find the American Revolution and was even pursuing accountancy in the hopes of handling the books at her father’s construction business one day. NeverthelessWe should also mention that she was just charged with aggravated assault in connection to a sudden drive by shooting. Columbus, for which her parents had deposited her $100,000 bond.

UnfortunatelyHowever, all of that changed when the sun rose. July6, 2007: A trucker driving by found Shea’s partially nude, bloody remains lying on the side of HighwayNearby: 165 Bowden Road. Her father had reported her missing around the same time since she’d failed to return home after a night out with friends the evening prior, yet he could’ve never imagined it was because she’d been murdered. AccordingAccording to her autopsy report, the young lady had been shot six times. She sustained two bullet wounds in her chest and two in her abdomen. andTwo to her head behind the ears (which were fatal).

Who Killed Stephanie “Shea” Graham?

TheIt was immediately clear that this was the case Shea was a victim of sexual homicide due to the fact her underwear was around her ankles, but it soon came to light she’d endured no signs of trauma. AnotherApart from the lack semen, the most baffling aspect was the concrete alibi for her only known foe, a former boyfriend. This is when investigators expanded their scope. TheySo, this is what I learned SheaHer fun night was cut short by her husband. July5 because she was determined about meeting a long-standing family friend at a local gasoline station. She was quickly identified as Kenneth “Kenny” Walton.

Where are Lisa Graham and Kenneth Walton Now? Update

KennyAlthough initially denying any involvement in the offense he was eventually confronted by the evidence SheaHe accepted his offer to sit in the passenger seat on his truck as it drove away from the station. AsAccording to his accounts, it was her mom. Lisa Carpenter Graham, who’d not only hired him to take her out in fear that she would ruin their family but had also provided him with the murder weapon. He added she’d actually asked him to do so several times over the years, with the first instance dating back to 2004 — the fact SheaHer legal troubles only fueled her.

KennyOfficials were informed that SheaHe was approached by her to seek his advice about her upcoming trial. She also asked for his help in finding a vehicle that would allow her to flee, rather than face the court. HeHe saw the opportunity andShe agreed to drive with him, but he started to make a fire when she stopped on the deserted road to relieve her bladder. SheThis reason was partially nude andThis is the only reason. As if that’s not enough, a neighbor of the GrahamsI came forward to claim that LisaHe had offered $5,000 to him previously for murder. SheaAs well.

Where Are Lisa Graham and Kenneth “Kenny” Walton Now?

Where are Lisa Graham and Kenneth Walton Now? Update

AccordingProsecutors Lisa GrahamShe had reportedly asked her husband not to pay Shea’s $100,000 bail andShe was afraid to lose this money, as her daughter had planned to run away. That’s why she again contacted KennyHe would do all the hard work for her, and he would only accept his expected promises. AsHis testimony during Lisa’s trial, “I owed her this favor… She never said what she was going to give me, but she said if I needed anything, just call her.”

While Kenneth “Kenny” WaltonIn exchange for a life sentence, he pleaded guilty capital murder. Lisa’s second trial (her first was declared a mistrial owing to the judge’s ill health) resulted in her conviction for the same in March 2015. SheHe was sentenced to death.

ThereforeHe is now in his 50s. KennyIs incarcerated at mixed-security St. Clair Correctional FacilityIn Springville, Alabama. HeYou are eligible for parole July 1, 2022. OnOn the other hand, after failed appeals, 55 year-old LisaCurrently on death row at The Julia Tutwiler PrisonIn Wetumpka.

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