Where Are Michael Stahlman’s Wife & Daughter Today? Update

Kim StahlmanShe was not ready for the authorities to call her in. July2008, her husband Colonel Michael ‘Mike’ Ross StahlmanUSMC, a USMC member, had accidentally shot himself in the head while he was on a voluntary posting. Iraq. EverSince the death MikeShe had continued to fight the authorities, telling everyone who would listen that her husband was a victim a homicide and she was not a suicide bomber as claimed by the authorities. CBS News’ ’48 Hours: Widow’s War’ takes on this complicated case and gave the brave widow a platform as well as presenting both sides of the complex case. SoWhere exactly are you? KimMacKenna, her daughter, is now? Let’s find out.

Who Are KimMacKenna Stahlman?

Kimberley “Kim” Tyler WaltersBorn and raised in Darlington, South Carolina. Sheis the second child of Bob Shirley Walters’ 5 children. Growing up, she didn’t hail from a very economically affluent family with her father working as a police officer and her mother working two jobs, a teacher’s aide and a receptionist, to support the family. HerThe relationship between parents was turbulent. Kim reminisced, “I didn’t have much of a childhood.” She wanted to study criminal psychology, but with her being the first of her immediate family to go to college and money being tight, she realized it was not a “practical decision.”

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Therefore, KimA major in finance was chosen. In April1987: She met MikeIn a bar/nightclub Florence, South CarolinaWhile he was visiting town to attend an aerial show. KimShe did not consider marriage or having children in her thoughts and did not think much about him until they met again at the airshow the next day. HeDesigned by KimI offered to show her around but was distracted by children. Kim felt, “OhMy. God. That’s someone special right there. And that’s when I knew. I knew!”

InThey were in love for less than three weeks and they got married six months later by a justice-of-the-pearl. Kim recalled, “He rode his motorcycle up and that’s when he proposed to me. He sold his motorcycle for my — first ring, too. He was a gem.” TheThe first decade of their marriage flew past with the couple constantly moving from one place to another. MikeYou have climbed the ladder of hierarchy. InThe meanwhile KimAlso, she completed her degree and was employed in finance and office management. She also earned an M.Ed. Degree in counseling.

KimThe Marine CorpsFamily advocacy office, co-founding counseling program. She said, “We worked specifically with rape victims and spousal abuse victims.” The couple’s first girl child, MacKenna, was born in 1997 while they were stationed at Camp Lejeune, and their second daughter, PiperWhile they were being posted at,, was born in 2004. Parris Island. However, the constant shifting and the work pressure were finally taking a toll on their marriage, claiming they had “ups and downs like everybody else.”

MacKenna also remembered how kind her father was, reminiscing one of her fondest memories of her, “During Christmas, it was his duty — was the cameraman. We’d wake up and we’re, like, “Don’t go in the room until Dad has the camera ready.” And — that was probably one of the earliest memories I have.”

Where Are KimMacKenna Stahlman Today?

On July 31, 2008, MikeHe was found with a bullet wound to his head in his bunk. Camp RamadiNearby Baghdad. KimI remember receiving a call from The Marine CorpsAt 5:30 the next morning. TheAuthorities declared it suicide. Mike died two months later, on October5, 2008, in National Naval Medical CenterIn Bethesda, Maryland. HoweverHis wife and his elder daughter, KimMacKenna denied that it was suicide.

The mother-daughter duo alleged that “the investigation was flawed and insufficient because investigators failed to follow the DepartmentOf DefenseNCIS, and Judge Advocate General regulations governing investigations into non-combat deaths other than from disease or natural causes.” SheHaving decided to confront the authorities head-on, petitioning FreedomOf InformationNCIS received repeated requests, combing through the thousands upon thousands of pages and images.

KimExperts were consulted to assess the data. SheThe case was appealed to various military and civilian courts. Capitol Hill White House. HerHer persistent struggle had led her to find powerful allies, like former NCIS forensics expert. Mike Maloney, George W. Bush administration’s Special Inspector GeneralFor Iraq Reconstruction, Stuart Bowen, and an advocate of bereaved family members of army officers. Cilla McCain.

Kim StahlmanIs currently helping CillaOthers push for a BillOf RightsFor Bereaved Military FamiliesIn Congress. AtPresent, she resides at Greenville, South CarolinaWithin close proximity to her parents. AsMacKenna, the author StahlmanIs it important to pursue a MinorIn SpanishThe CollegeOf Charleston.

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