Where Are Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider Today? Update

ResidentsThis is WimbledonIn South-West LondonThey were shocked when police discovered the body and remains of a young girl from a bonfire at a local house. WhileThe victim was identified Sophie LionnetThe investigation revealed a sinister plot to murder. andDirected her to her employers Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Kill The Competition’ chronicles the gruesome murder andIt is evident how efficient police officers were in bringing the killers before them to justice. Let’s delve into the details of the crime andFind out more, shall you?

Who Are Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider?

Sabrina Kouider andHer partner Ouissem Medouni, lived in a large-scale residence in the suburbs of WimbledonIn South-West London. ToFrom the outside, it appeared that the couple had a perfect marriage. andWe were looking forward to the future. MoreoverNeighbors knew that the fashion designer was andHer partner and she were looking for a nanny to care for their two children. Sophie LionnetIt was nothing extraordinary to be invited to live in their home. OriginallyFrom France, SophieThe United KingdomWith the dream for a better life. HoweverShe knew she had to have a good grasp of the EnglishLanguage, so the young woman began to look for work in the foreign land.

Sabrina Kouider

When SophieThe first time I heard about the job as a babysitter was in 2005. Ouissem and Sabrina’s children, she believed it to be a stroke of luck. ForFirst, the couple lived in an elite neighborhood. andThe job promised to pay very well. Moreover, SophieChildren also made me feel at ease. andTwo small children would be a great job for her. HoweverThe FrenchNational had no idea of the harm she was inviting into her own life by accepting the job.

AlthoughThe initial days went without incident. However, the show mentioned that Ouissem and Sabrina suspected SophieTo have an affair with Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend, BoyzoneFounding founder Mark Walton. InterestinglyThere was no evidence or proof to support the suspicion. YetThe couple became so obsessed by the thought that they began to believe it. Sophie and Mark WaltonThey were conspiring against their children. EventuallyThe obsession took over. Ouissem and Sabrina, andThe couple imprisoned their nanny in their home. SophieShe was then subjected inhuman torture by the couple who refused to pay her andShe was even threatened with starvation or imprisonment Although SophieShe tried her best to fight the two but was defeated. andThe show mentioned that she suffered from a cracked breast bone after being tortured. andFive broken ribs Ultimately, after beating SophieIncessantly, with an electric cable Ouissem and SabrinaThey drowned her in the bathtub.

Where Are Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider Now?

WhenThe police were able to recover the evidence Sophie’s body from a bonfire in the garden of Ouissem and Sabrina’s house, they learned how she was in the couple’s employment during the time of her death. NaturallyThe pair was suspect. andA thorough search of their house revealed extensive recordings of the torture sessions and notes left behind by the Nanny. TheEvidence incriminating Sabrina andHer partner in crime andDetectives quickly arrested them for murder.

Where Are Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider Today? Update
Ouissem Medouni

OnceProduced in court Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina KouiderThey were found guilty of murder andSentenced to life imprisonment in 2018, with a minimum period of 30 years for parole. SinceThe couple attempted to appeal their convictions, but their efforts were unsuccessful. AlthoughAlthough prison records don’t show whereabouts at the moment, we can assume that they are there. Ouissem and SabrinaAre in a BritishThey are still serving their 30-year sentence.

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