Where are Roger and Robert Angleton Now? Update

A hit-style murder at an apartment in the affluent neighborhood of River Oaks, HoustonIn Texas1997 saw the city rocked by, TheDiscover the beauty of Doris Angleton’s bullet-riddled body led the police to a complex inquiry with a lot of circumstantial evidence. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade: Lone Star’ focuses on the events before and after Doris’ death. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Doris Angleton Die?

Doris ElizabethMcGown was a TexasNative born in April 1951. SheHe was always seen as a friend in the neighborhood andWhen she was younger, she loved dancing. WhileYou are still married to someone else Dorismet Robert Angleton, andThey instantly fell in love. TheyIn 1982, married and had twins Niki and AliTwo years later. The 46-year-old’s life seemed perfect, with a luxurious lifestyle supported by Robert’s cash-only bookie business.

On April 16, 1997, DorisDropped the twins at their softball match. and Bob was the team’s coach. SheShortly after, he left promising to return once he had picked up a bat from his home. HoweverShe was never there. Once BobWhen he returned home with the girls, the back door was open. andAppelled the police The authorities found Doris’ body in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen. SheThe face had been shot multiple times. and chest.

Who Killed Doris Angleton?

ThereThere was no forced entry or evidence of struggle at the crime site. andThe house looked perfect. ThePolice learned that BobHe was more than a bookie. He had been a criminal informant for many decades, turning in other bookmakers. SoThat was a possible motive for the murder, according to police. ButJust then BobHe told police he believed his brother. RogerHe was responsible.

Where are Roger and Robert Angleton Now? Update

TheTwo siblings had a volatile relationship. While BobIt was a success. RogerHad difficulty holding down a job. DespiteThey have many differences BobHis brother was hired to help him with the business. However, that too ended in 1990. RogerIt was fired. TheAfter that, animosity only grew. Roger once luring BobUnder the pretense of a real estate deal, they drove to a parking garage andHe will point a gun at you to make money. Once RogerCost to get started BobHis business, he agreed that he would pay his brother.

But it didn’t stop there. In 1997, RogerThreatened to hurt Bob if he didn’t pay up, andJust weeks later, DorisHe was assassinated. HoweverThe police also considered this. BobA suspect because of his relationship to Doris. ItIt was revealed that they had been divorcing. FurthermoreA friend of mine said this during the time leading up the murder DorisI spent a lot time in online chat rooms andYou may even have an affair with someone.

Furthermore, DorisThreatened to turn Bob in to the IRS because she felt he wasn’t being truthful about his income. ThenAuthorities were arrested RogerIn Las Vegas, NevadaThis provides another break in the case. HeAn audio tape containing two men preparing to kill appeared to be in his possession. Doris. TheThe prosecution claimed at the time that it was the brothers and the triggerman. Roger.

How Did Roger Angleton Die?

While Roger AngletonHe was taken into custody and began to talk to him Vanessa Leggett, a true crime writer. InHe claimed in those interviews that Bobhe came up to him andAsk for help to get rid Doris. AccordingTo Roger, BobWould offer him $1,000,000 over ten years to kill Doris and keep quiet. RegardingThe tapes RogerHe said that he recorded them in order to have leverage over the brother.

Where are Roger and Robert Angleton Now? Update

HoweverJust before the prosecution, a plea deal was offered to RogerTo testify against BobThe unimaginable was possible. On February 7, 1998, RogerHe used a razor to kill himself in jail by cutting himself more than 50 times. HeHe was 56 years old at the moment. In a suicide letter, RogerClaimed to have killed DorisFor revenge and Bob wasn’t involved in it.

WhereIt is Robert Angleton Now?

AsFor BobWithout Roger’s testimony, all the prosecution had was the audio tape that was not very clear. The trial began in July 1998, and the jury eventually acquitted him of the murder because it wasn’t difficult to identify who was talking in the recording. ThenThree. andA half-year later, BobA federal murder charge was brought against the accused. ButHe took off just days before the trial began. BobA fake passport was used to fly out of the USA.

Where are Roger and Robert Angleton Now? Update

BobThe aircraft landed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but couldn’t get further than the immigration agent. HeThe fake passport was not authentic and he was arrested. DutchThe government refused to extradite him on murder charges. TheIf he was being tried for passport violations, the officials agreed to send his case back to the US. and tax fraud. So, BobIt was back in the United StatesIn September 2004.

In May 2005, BobHe was sentenced for five years for passport fraud and was then handed down seven years for tax fraud. BobHis time was well spent andReleased in January 2012. WhileThe US government stated that prosecutions could still be made Bob after his release, it’s unclear where he currently lives. TheIt was shown that BobYou might be living in EuropeHe is a renowned author, but little else is known about his life.

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