Where Are Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith Today? Update

‘The Big Conn’ is a riveting true-crime documentary series on Apple TV+. CreatedBy James Lee Hernandez and Brian LazarteIt exposes the shocking acts of Eric C. Conn, a social insurance lawyer from Pikeville, KentuckyThe federal government was defrauded of more than $550,000,000 in social security benefits by a man named. HeHe was assisted by four associates, including two SSA judges. HuntingtonThere are two doctors. ApartThe series includes details about the fraud but also shows the brave efforts of two whistleblowers who helped to nail the wrongdoers. Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith. Let’s find out more about them now, shall we?

Who Are Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith?

Jennifer Lynn GriffithAs a worker, Master Docket ClerkSince 2004, the Social Security AdministrationHearings Office in the (SSA) Huntington, West Virginia. SpecificallyShe was also a member of the OfficeOf Disabilities Adjudication and Review (ODAR). Meanwhile, Sarah CarverAlso, they worked in the same office. Senior Case Technician. BeginningBoth of them noticed discrepancies in their computerized tracking system in 2006. Details of cases were assigned to administrative law judges (ALJ) in 2006. David Daugherty went missing.

Where Are Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith Today? Update

Upon investigation, both Griffith and CarverIt was discovered that DaughertyIt was more than just making favorable judgements in all cases of disability claims. Eric C. Conn’s clients, but was also reassigning numerous cases of other judges to himself andFast-track the hearings TheyVerbally complained many times andAll their complaints were sent to their supervisors but they were ignored. In October 2007, GriffithBad performance review by the same supervisor, which she had notified earlier, forced me to resign.

RegardlessThe former SSA employee continued her efforts andShe made her statement to an administrative judge Dan Kemper for a  complaint against Daugherty’s misconduct with the ALJ union. Afterward in 2009, she made an anonymous call to the SSA’s OfficeOf Inspector General (OIG) andThe case was reported. FurthermoreShe filed an online complaint against fraud Conn and DaughertyWith the OIG in 2011. FollowingThis, she and CarverFor eight hours, I met with OIG representatives to obtain all the information that they required.

In June 2011, GriffithAlso, she wrote a letter detailing her supervisors’ retaliation that led to her resignation. In OctoberShe was born in the same year. and CarverAnother complaint was filed under the False Claims Act against the culprits as well as a whistleblower’s lawsuit. AsThe series also featured two women who assisted journalists. Damian PalettaFrom the Wall Street JournalWith his investigative piece about SSA fraud, which he authored andPublished in May 2011.

Where Are Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith Today? Update

Paletta’s article as well as federal agents raiding the SSA Huntington OfficeThe entire case was made public. A hearing with a panel of senators was then ordered. October2013 Washington D.C. Griffith and Carver’s detailed testimonies about Conn and DaughertyThis, along with the explosive testimony of two former social security lawyer employees proved to be the backbone for the hearing. InIn addition, the involvement Dr. Frederic Huffnagle and Dr. Alfred AdkinsIt also came to light.

However, ConnThey chose to plead the FifthIn the hearing andThe witness refused to testify. LaterThe investigations against the men were continuing while an attorney Ben Vernia and federal prosecutor Mark WohlanderThey began representing whistleblowers. DespiteEverything was in place. Things took a slow pace, but things finally settled in 2016. Griffith and Carver’s hard work paid off when Conn, Daugherty, and Adkins were indicted. In addition, Chief ALJ Charlie AndrusHe was also charged with conspiring to retaliate towards an informant.

In his plea deal, AndrusHe admitted that he was aware of the issue in 2011 Carver’s meetings with the OIG, andHe is thus: and ConnHad conspired to get her fired by incriminating her in a false violation a work from-home program for SSA employees. ToThey did so, and she was followed andEven tried filming her in a WalmartParking lot AndrusThe charges were pleaded guilty andIn August 2017, CarverHe was sentenced to six years in prison and finally received justice.

AndrusWe are sorry CarverDuring his sentencing andAlthough she felt the sentence was inadequate for the trauma she had experienced, she was glad that something was done. In May 2017, Daughertywas sentenced for four years in prison andOver $93 Million in restitution was ordered. While Conn accepted a plea deal in June2017 – He escaped across the border andSix months later, he was arrested. Honduras. In September2018: He was sentenced for 27 years in prison andRestitution: $72,574,609

Where Are Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith Now?

AlthoughThe sentencing Conn andHis associates provided a fitting conclusion. Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith’s relentless fight for social justice andThey were far from giving up. InThe series CarverShe stated that she was only compensated for the travel expenses she incurred. andFrom WashingtonD.C.

Carver and GriffithThey also shared that they were not recognized as whistleblowers by any government entity. andBecause they quit their jobs, they are now without any financial security. TheBoth women filed whistleblower lawsuits that were dismissed in April 2018 andA portion of the money Conn and Daughertythey are required to pay the government, but only if they do.

AsAs far as we are able to tell, GriffithCurrently, it is located in Flatwoods, Kentucky, andContinued support Conn’s aggrieved clients andOther political causes Twitter. OnOn the other hand, CarverToo often, she voices her opinions via social media andMost likely, it is located in South Point, Ohio. HopefullyBoth women will be given their due recognition andSoon, they will be rewarded for their immense contribution to the government andThe mass.

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