Where are Sean Turkot and Alexander Smoot Now?

When Edward Hayden’s girlfriend, Blair Short, reported her boyfriend missing from the relationship Abingdon, MarylandShe said that she suspects something was amiss in the house. UponThe police found evidence of a violent struggle when they reached the crime scene andBlood splatters all across the wall Investigation Discovery’s ‘Signs OfA Psychopath: He Is Not AmongThe Living’ chronicles Edward’s murder andThis shows how the police were capable of recovering his body from the Susquehanna RiverA day after the death. Let’s take a look at the case details andFind out where Edward’s killers areWe are currently asking:

How Did Edward Hayden Die?

Edward HaydenYou resided in Abingdon, MarylandHe is pictured here with his girlfriend. Blair Short, andAnother roommate DescribedAs a generous andPeople who are kind and generous with their friends are praised Edward’s helpfulness andHe mentioned how he would go out of his way for others to be happy. HeAlso, he had a very good standing in society. andHis relationship with his wife is not apparent to the outsiders. BlairIt was perfect. MoreoverHe was also a proud father of a child. HenceHis sudden andMost people were shocked to hear about the grisly murder.

Where are Sean Turkot and Alexander Smoot Now?

On January4, 2015, 911 operators in AbingdonReceived a call from BlairShe claimed that she returned home to find her boyfriend, as well as their other bedroommate, missing. Blair mentioned that her boyfriend’s shoes were still below the bed andAlthough there were signs of a fight, EdwardThe phone was not reachable. FirstResponders arrived on the scene immediately andThey quickly noticed the signs of a violent fight. ThereThere were bloodstains all across the walls andFurniture while objects are scattered about the floor. BesidesThe victim, it seems, tried to defend his self with everything he had at his disposal.

Police found a floating tarp on the crime scene a day after they had investigated it. Susquehanna River. UponThey opened it and found Edward’s body, covered in a blanket. AtAt first glance, authorities recognized that the victim had been repeatedly stabbed. However, an autopsy later confirmed that. EdwardHad been stabbed to death as well as bludgeoned.

Who Killed Edward Hayden?

AlthoughAlthough first responders arrived quickly at the crime scene, they didn’t find many leads that would allow them to continue the investigation. OnOn the other hand, Edward’s girlfriend, Blair Short, appeared extremely distraught andHe was unable to assist the police in any way. Moreover, authorities even conducted several interviews andI tried to get a clue from eyewitnesses, but it was not possible. As Edward and Blair’s roommate, Sean TurkotThe police decided to pay him an unexpected visit after he was reported missing from the crime scene.

Where are Sean Turkot and Alexander Smoot Now?

TurkotInitial insistence was on his innocence andHe claimed he had nothing do with it Edward’s murder. HoweverThe show mentioned that he was acting strangely, which led to cops being suspicious about his involvement. ThusThe police eventually broke the deal by putting him under even more rigorous interrogation. Tarkot, who even helped authorities recover the victim’s body. However, TurkotHe claimed that he didn’t act alone andInstead, they had an accomplice in the name of Alexander Smoot.

InterestinglyLaw enforcement officers were able to learn more after further investigation. BlairWas in a relationship TurkotBefore she got together with Edward. SeeingHis ex-girlfriend was with someone else TurkotHe was fiercely jealous, but he was unable to do anything about it. UltimatelyBut his rage got him into a fight and he took the entire thing. Smoot’s help and murdered EdwardIn cold blood. TheMotives of jealousy were entirely plausible. andThe police were certain they had their man. OnOn the other side, however SmootHe claimed that he was innocent. Turkot’s testimony indicted him, andBoth were arrested for murder by the authorities.

Where are Sean Turkot and Alexander Smoot Now?

Where are Sean Turkot and Alexander Smoot Now?

OnceProven in court Sean TurkotWas found guilty andConvicted for first-degree murder andconspiracy to commit the first-degree of murder AsAs a result, he was sentenced in 2016 to life imprisonment with no parole. OnOn the other hand, Alexander SmootDuring his trial, he pleaded guilty first-degree murder andHe was also sentenced for life without parole. Thus, with the parole completely out of the picture TurkotIs still in prison at the Western Correctional InstitutionIn Allegany County, MarylandWhile Smootis spending his days at The Roxbury Correctional InstitutionIn Washington County, Maryland.

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