Where Are Teresa Rodgers and Joshua Puckett Now? Update

In April2004: A DeLand family that seems happy Florida, was shattered by the discovery of the patriarch dead. Phillip RodgersHe was found dead in his bedroom. andIt was revealed that a plot was being made to have him killed. This was all done by the people he believed to be his friends. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Blood Relatives: Sex, Lies and Videotape’ delves into the reasons behind Phillip’s death andHow the authorities solved the mystery. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Phillip Rodgers Die?

Phillip G. RodgersIn August 1955, andHe was in DeLand at the time of his incident. Florida. PhillipHis reputation as a kind and well-known man was attributed to him. andThey are well-liked in the community. HeTo have been married Teresa Rodgers, andThey lived together with her son. Joshua Puckett. PhillipThey had strong ties with the people there andWorked as a frozen foods deliveryman.

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SometimeDuring the day, April 21, 2004, Teresa’s brother came by to check on PhillipOnly to make a terrifying revelation. TheThe house was in chaos andIt seemed like someone had taken it. InThe bedroom, the brother found 48 year-old PhillipIn a pool of blood, in bed andYou can dial 911 right away FirstResponders arrived on scene and declared him dead. TheCause of death: A single gunshot wound to his back with a.38-caliber firearm.

Who Killed Phillip Rodgers?

AccordingAuthorities discovered that a price tag was attached to a gun found in the bedroom. Phillip. HoweverThe firearm was not found. The brother, John WhiddenAccording to the police, he said that TeresaHad checked herself in to the hospital that day andHe was asked by her to check on her husband. This was when he discovered that he was alive. Phillip dead. TheAuthorities began to investigate. Phillip’s personal life to glean clues regarding what led to the murder.

Where Are Teresa Rodgers and Joshua Puckett Now? Update

The couple reportedly had an “open marriage” andOften, spent time with other couples. AtThe time of the incident TeresaHad been seeing Gary Clegg. UponHe pointed the finger at him, as he was being questioned. Teresa, Joshua, andOne of Joshua’s friends, Justin Tucker. AccordingHe explained that the three had talked about killing. PhillipMultiple times andHe had it all planned out before him. GaryAdded that Teresa used to say things like, “I don’t want PhillipIn jail. I stand more to gain by having him dead.” However, he didn’t take them too seriously at the time.

TheAuthorities eventually believed that Phillip’s life insurance was the motive for Teresa, who manipulated her son andHis friend agreed to participate in the killing. AtAt the time, she claimed that PhillipIt was abusive. JustinAfter his arrest, he spoke with police and stated that TeresaHe was offered $10,000 in exchange for his assistance. and JoshuaHe was offered $10,000 more. AsFor JoshuaHis mother promised to give him $30,000 plus Phillip’s treasured car — a Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. AsHe was supposed to give it to, according to the show. JoshuaHowever, he changed his mind and angered the child.

Where Are Teresa Rodgers and Joshua Puckett Now? Update
Joshua and Justin

AnotherRefer to Joshua’s, Curtis RhoadesHe was also involved in the plot. However, he failed to find a hitman. TheAccording to authorities, Joshua and JustinThe thief entered the house at around 1:30 AM. April 20, 2004, andLooked for money and valuables. Then, JoshuaUsed Phillip’s .38-caliber handgun to fire once into the back of his stepfather’s head. TheThe two of them drove down to a deserted area the next day. andThey burned the clothes they wore during their murder. JustinLater, the police led them there.

Where Are Teresa Rodgers and Joshua Puckett Today?

In November 2005, Teresa RodgersThe defendant, now 43, pleaded guilty at the time to solicitation for murder, conspiracy, and armed theft. and second-degree murder. Shebelieved to be the mastermind behind convincing the other two to get killed Phillip. In February 2006, TeresaHe was sentenced to 40 years in prison PrisonAccording to records, she remains in prison Lowell Correctional InstitutionIn Ocala, Florida. TeresaReleased in December 2038.

Where Are Teresa Rodgers and Joshua Puckett Now? Update

Joshua and JustinPledged guilty to second-degree Murder and armed robbery. In February2006, then 20 years old JoshuaA 25-year sentence was handed down, the same as Justin. ItAccording to reports, both men pointed to the other as the triggerman. JoshuaSince then, he was released from prison. He reportedly became a freeman in April 2021. ForNow, he resides in Lake Helen, Florida, andHe kept himself out of trouble.

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