Where Are The Staircase’s Margaret and Martha Ratliff Now?

The December2001 Death of Katheleen PetersonAt the bottom of her stairs is a messy case. andAs brutal as it is beautiful andDramatic, especially when you consider all the ambiguous evidence involved. After all, just like ‘The Staircase’ illustrates, while her husband Michael PetersonThe officials quickly accused him of definite killing after he claimed that her death was due to an accident. TheMost surprising is the fact that his 1985 demise was similar to his own. This is what allowed him to gain custody of his daughters. Margaret and Martha Ratliff — so let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Who Are Margaret and Martha Ratliff?

BornTo be able to compare two years later Air Force Captain George Ratliff andMilitary teacher Elizabeth RatliffIn GermanyIn the 1980s, Margaret and MarthaBoth their biological parents died when they were toddlers. TheirAccording to reports, their father died in 1983 during a secret overseas operation. However, their mother was found unintentionally dead at the bottom her stairs. November 25, 1985. InIn other words, the girls were only 4 years old. and2 Michael andHis then-wife Patricia “Patty” PetersonIn accordance With Elizabeth’s will — they were neighbors as well as close friends.

Where Are The Staircase's Margaret and Martha Ratliff Now?
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MichaelInterestingly, he was the last to see. ElizabethMany speculate that the two were involved in an affair or a conflict once they were alive. Kathleen’s case came around over 15 years later. That’s especially because while her death was initially ruled to be from an intracerebral hemorrhage, a second autopsy (from her exhumed body) in 2003 updated her manner of death to homicide. WithDespite this, both are possible. Margaret and MarthaWho was born under? Michael’s care following his divorce from Patty, have always believed in his innocence, whether it be in their mother’s case or their stepmother Kathleen’s.

UnfortunatelyDue to the way everything played out as per Netflix’s ‘The Staircase,’ MarthaAnxiety began to affect my life. “I used to suffer a lot from really bad nightmares; I used to have really bad panic attacks in public spaces because of being in the trial,” she said. “MyBody andMy nervous system will believe that the trial is taking place. For me, it’s like [my] heart beats faster, I can’t breathe, and I worry that I’m going to pass out.” HenceShe was only able to get things settled for good. andHer sister and her mother were able to mourn the woman they truly loved. Kathleen.

Where Are Margaret and Martha Ratliff Now?

Where Are The Staircase's Margaret and Martha Ratliff Now?
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Margaret and Martha RatliffThey have tried to move on with their lives, while maintaining strong relationships with their father and their siblings (except Caitlin Atwater). InFact, from what we know, Margaretis now based out of Los Angeles, CaliforniaShe is an actress, assistant director, and production manager in the entertainment industry. andYou can find more information here. AsFor MarthaIt is believed that she was inspired by her own experiences and is thus focusing on helping others by serving as a mental health counselor/psychotherapist in ColoradoThese are the days.

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