Where Are They Now? Season 1 Cast Today

RealityTelevision shows that provide intimate details about the lives of the wealthy and famous have enjoyed a large following. Netflix’s ‘First Class‘ follows a similar vein as it revolves around the everyday lives of a group of successful friends in Barcelona. WhileThis group is made up of people from many professions and walks. They are united by their love of extravagant parties, and a vibrant lifestyle. MoreoverWe also get to see the cast navigate the top rungs of society while balancing their professional and personal lives. ToThe show also features a healthy dose romance and drama, making it a thrilling TV series.

‘First Class’ season 1The dynamic group of friends introduced us to the dynamic group of people, most of whom were brand new to reality television. NaturallyFans were interested in their private lives and wanted to find out where they are at the moment. WellWe have the answers!

Where Is Lucia Saez-Benito Now?

Once filming dropped, Lucia Saez-BenitoShe eased back into her daily routine. Barcelona. SheShe remains close friends with many cast members and often shares the fond memories she creates with them. Although LuciaWhile she is not open about her personal life she lives with her closest friends. We hope she finds happiness in the near future.

Where Is Alex Agullo Now?

In 2020, Alex AgulloHe quit his job in PR DirectorAt the XXL Comunicación Agency and opened his Barcelona-based PR firm, Las Marquesas. Besides, in April of the same year, Alex married his husband, Roman Trias, and the two have since built up a wOnderful life. FromIts looks are amazing. AlexHe is in a good place in life right now, and we wish him all the best for the future.

Where Is Aldo Comas Now?

AldoHe is busy advancing his career as a painter, and has published several of the artworks he created online under the name. Aldo‘s Paint Lab. MoreoverHe hosts an exhibit at a gallery. Mallorca, Spain, and has accepted the NFT culture. The BarcelonaThe -based artist is also very happy in his personal life, as he is married to. Macarena GomezThey are proud parents to a seven year-old. Aldo’s success is a result of his hard work, and we hope he finds happiness everywhere he goes.

Where Is Archie Alled Martinez Now?

Archie Alled MartinezOr ManelHe is in a good spot right now, as he was offered the opportunity to assume the role of Creative Directorat Karl Lagerfeld. InterestinglyWhile watching the show, ManelHe was able to go on a date for the first time with his childhood friend. Santi. HoweverIt seems that the relationship did not work out. Hence, BarcelonaThe London-based designer is currently talking about his fashion label. Alled-MartinezTo greater heights.

Where Is Zaida Marquez Now?

WhileThe cameras were still rolling. ZaidaShe and her husband. MarcThey held a beautiful ceremony where they renewed their vows before their friends. HoweverThe filming has ended and the couple is back to their daily routine. ZaidaKeeps her followers up to date about the memories she makes together Marc. BesidesThe couple also shuttles among cities. LondonAnd BarcelonaHe lives a very busy life.

Where Is Marc Patsy Now?

Where Are They Now? Season 1 Cast Today

WhileOn the show MarcHe claimed that he ZaidaDivide their time among them LondonAnd BarcelonaThey could not have close friends because of this. HoweverOnce they were familiar with each other, AlexHe welcomed them into his friend circle, and slowly, it became their second family. Barcelona. NeverthelessOnce filming is completed, you can go home. MarcHe settled down with his wife to live a happy and fulfilled life. ZaidaAlthough he has always been open to privacy, he is now open to it in his personal life. StillWe can see that the two have a happy relationship and we wish them success in their future endeavors.

Where Is Clara Courel Now?

OneThese are the most prominent fashion journalists in the world. Spain, Clara CourelKnown for her extravagant and jaw-dropping fashion, CurrentlyThe renowned journalist serves as CEO of her company. Courel Comunicacion, which excels as a producer and digital marketer in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. MoreoverShe seems to be doing well with her partner. Hugo PortuondoWe wish them all the best for the future.

Where Is Amanda Portillo Now?

WhileShe was the life of the party on the show. Amanda PortilloAfter filming was over, she is now back to her normal life. SheCurrently, it is located in BarcelonaShe is surrounded by her family and friends, and lives a happy life. Moreover, AmandaHer professional achievements are also impressive. Instagramaccount has several intricate digital artworks that speak volumes about her talent. ItIt’s heartwarming and touching to witness the truth. Amanda’s success, and we hope she reaches greater heights in the near future.

Where Is Carola Etxart Now?

While CarolaWas first introduced as Amanda Portillo’s ex, she soon won fans over with her charming and cheerful personality. InterestinglyNear the end of the season CarolaIt was discovered that she was pregnant. The show even managed to capture a small part of her journey towards motherhood. ThusIt will make viewers happy. CarolaIs now a proud mom to Neo Etchart PerkovicOn June 3, 2022. Moreover, as she talks about her journey. CarolaShe praised her partner. Andrei Warren, and wrote, “HeHe has been with me for 9 months, taking good care of my needs like a glass doll. YouYou are infinitely more than I could ever dream. I love you.”

Where Is Meilan Kao Now?

Meilanis currently based in BarcelonaFrom here, she runs her business. Grupo KaoTogether with her sister. Through Grupo KaoThe sisters own and manage four restaurants in the city. Spanishtheir father, who is the executive chef in one the restaurant’s restaurants. Additionally, MeilanShe has also proven herself in the wine business, and it seems she has a brighter future.

Where Is Julie Brangstrup Now?

CurrentlyBased out of Barcelona, Julie BrangstrupHolds the position of CEO for her charity organization. Cash & RocketThrough this, she supports female solidarity and raises funds for charities around the world. MoreoverShe is happily married to Mark Brangstrup WattsThey are proud parents to their three children. JulieShe loves to keep her followers informed about her personal life. While it is heartwarming to see the special memories she makes with her family, we wish her happiness for many more years.

Where Is Santiago Riveiro Now?

Santiago RiveiroOr SantiSet up to go on a date at the age of 15 with his childhood friend. Manel. AlthoughAlthough the date was successful, their relationship appears to have ended. Nevertheless, SantiIt seems that he is still associated with his popular travel and food blog. MealThis is JoyHe has even uploaded photos of his delicious cooking to his social media accounts.

Where Is Cristina Fontella Now?


Interestingly, Cristina FontellaThis was the original suggestion Manel’s birthday celebrations should be held inside a castle in Toulouse. NowThe filming has ended. CristinaShe was able to get back into her normal life. BarcelonaEntrepreneur based in the United States who runs the firm La Fontella, through whom she represents many brands.

Where Is Ferran Ribo Now?

EvenHowever Ferran Ribo allowed cameras into his everyday life during the filming of ‘First Class,’ he now prefers complete privacy and has even locked his social media accounts. However, he maintains close relationships with most of his cast-mates and is currently associated with the event management agencies, WILDE & partners, and Privia.

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