Where Are They Now? Season 1 Cast Today

As a reality dating series that dredges up a group of singles’ pasts to help them find their future in the form of true love, Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The One That Got Away’ is unlike any other. It essentially focuses on second chances missed connections rather than encounters with strangers, leading to bonds — whether platonic or romantic — that can only be described as wholesome. So now that we’ve seen the incredible way season 1 plays out, let’s learn precisely what its final couples, as well as a few other prominent cast members, are up to these days, shall we?

Where Are Ashley and Quinn Now?

Following some trying drama with both her “Work Convention Hero” Kyle and her “Social Media Stud” Taylor, the entry Ashley Algarin’s ex-boyfriend Quinn WentzelHer entire world was turned upside down. SheSoon, she realized that she needed someone who was kind and compassionate, but who would also accept her regardless of her flaws. This led her to reunite with her husband. QuinnFor the good.

Ashley Quinn had left the production early (in episode 8), yet it doesn’t appear as if they were able to make their involvement last. However, it’s not something either seems hung up about, primarily because the latter is currently devoted to his racing career, whereas the former is preparing to welcome a baby girl around mid-August 2022. Moreover, AshleyPart-time model, which she continues to pursue while still working as a CT/X-ray technician in a local hospital in her state of home. Ohio.

Where Are Vince Yurika Now?

TheSpark between Vince YurikaHe was certain of his feelings from the start, which is why he decided that he would end their encounter by getting down on one knee. After describing what he felt as both real as well as magical, he declared, “I love you. I love you. I love you. Will you marry me?” to which she shyly yet happily replied, “of course!” TheTwo adorably sincere people stepped into the daily world together, only to find out the realities of long-term long separation.

While Vince XuIt is based in Los Angeles, Yurika YonedaIt has been removed San FranciscoTo JapanAnd then from Los AngelesTo San FranciscoAgain before you settle in New York CityAt least, not for the moment. With that said, though, their indirect interactions on social media do suggest they could still be together, so we’re staying optimistic until (if they ever) reveal otherwise. WeYou should mention that your dog is being euthanized. English StaffyName Leois a personal injury attorney. The UCLA graduate is a consultant professional.

Where Are Jeff Alex Now?

Jeff Perla Alex Van GurpI have been through every stage of a relationship. Friends, strangers, dates, friends with benefits and best friends. Unfortunately, that’s precisely why even their online presence is no help in discerning whether they’re romantically involved or just mates again at the moment. We know they continue to remain in touch and seem to have a great understanding of each other, but nothing more concrete — it hence just leaves us hopeful.


AsBoth for their whereabouts Jeff AlexCurrently, it appears that they reside in East HamptonIn New York, where the latter works as an employee in financial consulting. Ernst & Young (EY). OnOn the other hand, JeffIs a lifestyle-based correspondent LuxxelivingThe founder of a travel blog, appropriately named The Travelin Bum. He’s a digital creator through through.

Where Are Kasey and Simon Now?

Kasey Ma had decided to join the cast of ‘The One That Got Away’ to give love another shot, and she did find it, albeit within herself. She was healing from two heartbreaks — the loss of her mother to cancer as well as the end of a 7½-year relationship — and Simon FungShe still managed to help herself see her own worth. Therefore, they walked out of “the portal” together, but they’d agreed on “no commitment. Let’s see where it takes us.”

It’s unclear whether Kasey SimonWhether they were able to keep their connection, or not, they remain friends as evidenced by their communication via comments and likes on social networking sites. ComingTheir professional standing while Los Angeles/New York City-based KaseyIs still a twitch streamer, who also focuses upon the fashion, travel and beauty industries. MBA-graduate SimonA strategy consultant is someone who resides in Brooklyn.

Where Are Allyssa Adam Now?

Since Allyssa Adam had left upon professing their love for each other following his sweet gesture of getting down on one knee to present her with a promise ring, we believe they’re still involved. AfterAll, they not only had their values aligned to the tee when they were learning about their potential partner, but they also seem to be in constant touch via social media. They haven’t shared any posts as of writing or given us an explicit hint, yet their subtle interactions on promotional uploads or via likes/comments keep us optimistic.

AsA model that stands approximately 6 feet tall Allyssa Anderson has actually dubbed herself a “professional tall girl” on her InstagramPage, and Adam DrexlerShe is even taller. He’s the sonThis is basketball Hall of Famer Clyde DrexlerHe is a professional basketball player and passionate music composer. With the way these two are currently focusing on their professional aspirations, it’s clear their journey is only just beginning.

Where Are Nigel Dezi Now?

Despite everything they went through, it doesn’t look like Nigel Sydnor Desiree “Dezi” are still together, especially as his relationship status on Facebook reads “single” loud and clear. ThusIn order to move on to his individual standing, it is important to mention that he lives in Los Angeles, CaliforniaHe is currently employed in the real-estate investing industry. He also dabbles in ecommerce and is the founder of Elevations Barbers Lounge. Unfortunately, on the flip side, we couldn’t find any public information on Dezi.

WhereIt is Dylan Palladino Now?

Dylan Palladino was the first to step out of “the portal” for Kasey Ma, and it did appear as if they’d end up together despite their misunderstandings, that is, until SimonThey came along. HoweverHe seems content in his current situation, especially since he lives a comfortable lifestyle. New York. That’s because he’s not only a stand-up comedian as well as the co-host of the ‘Why Do Guys…?’ podcast alongside Usama SiddiqueeHe is still alive, however. KaseyAs a friend.

WhereIt is Anthony Wright Now?

Although Anthony Wright didn’t get his heart’s desire out of his connection with Jeff Perla, he hasn’t let it dim his spark one bit. InIn other words, the New Yorker continues to be loud and proud about who he is in the city as a photographer, a musician, and a dancer — or as he likes to call it, “PictureTaker📸 Musicmaker🎼 Dance breaker💃🏽.”

WhereIt is Kyle Freeman Now?

There’s honestly no other or better way to introduce Dr. Kyle Freeman as “Ashley’s Work Convention Hero,” as mentioned above. Yet the truth is that he’s much more than the physical therapist he was painted out to be in the AmazonOriginal series The Las Vegas, NevadaResidents are also a personal life coach and sex coaches who help people to live more authentic experiences through their erotic energies.

WhereIt is Alicia Nelms Now?

Alicia Nelms was the first woman to walk through “the portal” for Nigel SydnorShe stayed right up until the end. TheThe best part was that their parting was mutual. This meant she had the best possible experience and was able to move on to her true self. From what we can tell, she’s still spiritual, plant-based, and based in Los AngelesThere, she works as a hairstylist and photographer, and is an aspiring entrepreneur. HerWebsite for trading in jade/crystal accessories will be launched soon.

WhereIt is Travis M. Now?

TravisOne of the most endearing and thoughtful dates to have been a part this reality production was, yet Allyssa Anderson didn’t feel the spark for even a moment. NotDon’t worry, he has moved on to achieve much more, at the very least, professionally. The Houston, TexasNative, or as he refers, himself, the Acrobatic Rappin’ Addict, recently released his EP ‘Misfits,’ which you can listen to on every mainstream music platform right now.

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