Where Are They Now? Season 1 Cast Today

WhileReality dating shows can inadvertently set unrealistic expectations by using over-the-top concepts. Netflix’s ‘LoveThe following are the Spectrum U.S.’ is an undeniable outlier. AfterAll should follow in the footsteps of the greats. AustralianOriginal, it centers on a group of individuals with autism who navigate romance in a most authentic way. ThisThis series also addresses the fallacies of their lives in order to make it as heartening as it is enlightening. So now, if you wish to learn what its castIs up to these days, we’ve got the details for you.

Where is Dani Bowman Now?

AsA Los AngelesNative who established her business at the age of 14 and earned an MBA after completing her studies. Bachelor’s in Animation, DaniCan only be described as an ambitious woman. That’s why she has always wanted a partner with whom she could share both her personal and professional experiences, but to no avail — her online presence suggests she’s still single.

“I really do want to find true love,” the DaniMation Entertainment Founder Chief Creative Officer penned, “but I realize that if you don’t have a good, trusting friendship first, the relationship is doomed.” WeYou should also mention that you are an entrepreneur, illustrator and mentor as well. DaniIt is also possible to Ph.D. candidate.

WhereIs Abbey Romeo Now?

Abigail “Abbey” Romeo-LutesAt age 2, she was diagnosed as having ASD. Although it took her some time to understand, she is now at a point in her own life where she can fully embrace it. This is due to the unwavering support that she receives from her family, particularly her loving mother. Christine, and her younger brother. Ben.

FromWhat we can tell. AbbeyIt seems that you are still happy to be involved with David, which means her adorable “you’re my lion, and I’m your lioness” phrase didn’t go in vain. MoreImportantly, apart from being passionately about mermaids as much as lions (! ), the 24-year-old is also an avid hiker, TikToker, dog lover and small business owner (!HatsBy Abbey).

WhereIs Kaelynn Partlow Now?

LifeIt was not easy to be on the spectrum. Greenville, South Carolinanative Kaelynn Partlow in any way, shape, or form, particularly as she has “every learning disability you could have,” which includes dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and ADHD, among more. HoweverShe has never let any part of her life stop her from achieving all her dreams and goals.

Therefore, today, Kaelynnactively involved in ProjectHOPE is a way to live in hope Senior Behavioral Therapist, a position she has held for nearly 7½ years as of writing. TheSingle adult even runs a Facebookcommunity page called Kaelynn’s Autistic AngleTo educate/raise awareness about autism for parents, professionals and other neurodiverse people.

WhereIs Subodh Garg Now?

Subodh Garg hadn’t been on a single date by the time he turned 33, but it does seem like the entire experience was worth the wait for him. That’s because it led the CalifornianSend an email directly to Rachel Osterbach (you might have recognized her from A&E’s ‘Born This Way’ docuseries), who soon became his girlfriend. In fact, Subodh RachelYou are still blissfully and happily together!

Coming to the remarkable math genius’ professional endeavors, SubodhNot only does it serve as a Data Entry Assistantat Insight Examination Services at present, but he’s also a part-time Shipping Receiving ClerkUPS As if that’s not enough, he’s even enrolled at the Santa Monica College, pursuing certificates Data Entry, Computers, Word Processing.

WhereIs James Now?

James’ early years sadly comprised of self-esteem issues owing to the bullying he endured by his peers, yet he didn’t let it or his autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) define him in the long run. InIn other words: JamesHe worked hard to gain confidence, and learned how to communicate with strangers. He eventually felt ready to pursue his own dreams.

Where Are They Now? Season 1 Cast Today

The Renaissance Faire enthusiast was “unquestionably” looking for love, but it didn’t work out in the series since his match, Emma, wished they could remain close friends. SoApart from their close platonic relationship, JamesAccording to reports, he continues to pursue his quest in his hometown. Boston, MassachusettsAt the moment.

WhereIs Steve Now?

AsA 63-year old woman San Francisco native, SteveOnly a few years before he was diagnosed with ASD, he did not know that his neurodivergence was affecting every day of his life. ThusHe found a personal coach and assistant to help him through the process before he decided to enter the dating scene for the first time.


Steve’s first two dates weren’t a grand success. However, since heIs undeniably glad to finally begin this journey, we hope he finds his ideal “lovely lady” soon. From what we can tell, he doesn’t want to end up alone or be lonely, which is why he seems determined not to conclude his efforts in this search anytime soon (and rightly so).

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