Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

‘American Hoggers’ is a reality series about the CampbellFamily from Texas. The CampbellsOwn a family business that specializes in animal control and game hunting. TheirThe specialty is in theRemoval of feral hogs When theShow first aired on 2011 theFamily members gained quite the fan following, with many people interested in them. theDetails about their professional and personal lives. TheThe series lasted for four seasons. theLast episode aired in 2013. AlmostNine years later, the fans of theShows are curious to see what their favorite family members are up to. Well, here’s what we know about theRecent activities the CampbellFamilies and others around them.

WhereIt is Jerry Dean Campbell Now?

Jerry Dean Campbell, thepatriarch of the TexanFamily, sadly gone on July 25, 2021. TheAt 74, an experienced animal tamer died. His family, friends and admirers were deeply saddened. HisIt’s impossible to entertain with business ideas and antics. the viewers. TheDriving force behind Campbell’s family business will be missed by many. His wife, Kathie Campbell, and four more children Ryan Dean Campbell, Robert Hunter Campbell, Krystal Marie Campbell, Sonya Jo CampbellThey shared their grief publicly and allowed others to do the same through a public tribute wall.

WhereIt is Robert “Hunter” Campbell Now?

Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

Since Robert “Hunter” Campbell’s time on theHe seems to have kept his love for animals and wild animals. HisLatest posts onSocial media shows that he is enjoying his life as an animal tamer. RobertHe also enjoys sharing details about his time with family and friends. On October 18, 2014, RobertTo get married Arah Duecker Campbell. TheA beautiful daughter was born to a couple in August 2017. During the 2022 Texas wildfires, RobertActively raised awareness theEvents and collected funds from volunteers. Additionally, theReality star posts about his binging on sports regularly onSocial media AsWriting RobertLiving in Fredericksburg, Texas.

WhereIt is Krystal “Pistol” Campbell Now?

Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

During the airing of ‘American Hoggers,’ Krystal “Pistol” Campbell, AKA Krystal Marie Campbell, wanted to takeover theFamily business. HerFallout with her father JerryHer success led her to start her own business called Wild Women Hoggers. SheA family friend joined him Lea Penick, whose extensive experience greatly assisted Krystal. SinceHer time on the show, KrystalHas not shared much information about her life with thepublic and has remained away from social media. TheFormer Miss BrownwoodI got married in late 2013.

FromHer InstagramProfile picture and bio. KrystalYou may be pregnant or a mother. TheSince then, this possibility seems very likely. KrystalShe proudly calls herself a CDH Mom in her bio. TheMothers whose children are born with this title use the title Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).

CDH is a rare birth condition. thePartially developed the diaphragm, the muscle barrier between theChest and abdomen ThisCan lead to theTo spread abdominal organs theChest cavity and take up space needed the full development of lungs in a fetus, resulting in underdeveloped lungs. KrystalBoth she and her child appear to have won the fight against CDH. theMother is passionate about raising awareness and funds to help others who might be in a similar situation to hers.

WhereIt is Kathie Campbell Now?

Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

Many fans of ‘American Hoggers’ adored Kathi Campbell, AKA Kathleen Marie Campbell, Jerry Campbell’s wife, for her ability to smooth over issues between her husband and her children. SheAlthough she may not have been an active participant on hunting expeditions, her determination and will were evident for all to see as her family ran smoothly and didn’t butt heads every single day. TheThe family matriarch has not shared many over the years the internet. TheThe recent death of her husband is certain to have been sad. KathieWe are so happy for her and hope she can share the joy with her family members and close friends.

WhereIt is Lea Penick Now?

Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

Previously a common fixture in the Campbell household, Lea PenickOne of theFavorite members the show. The Campbell patriarch, JerryConsider her an honorary Campbell. However, during Krystal’s split from theFamily business LeaYou chose to go with KrystalAnd helped in theFormation Wild Women Hoggers. After theEnd of theReality TV LeaIt was onTo star in the 2015 film ‘Nail 32.’

WhereAre Creek Boys Now?

Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today
Image Credit: TaterCreek Outfitters/Facebook

LedBy Ronnie Creek, the CreekBoys were constant business rivals of the Campbell family. ApartFrom Ronnie, theTeams consisted of Randy Tate, Dave “Shep” Shepperd, Cody Whitish. AsWriting Ronnieis in a relationship KlaudyaMcKee CallenderLiving in Arcadia, Louisiana. Since February 2019, RonnieAlso, it is a part Tuskers Magazine Pro Team Staff. Ronnie RandyAre they co-owners TaterCreek Outfitters. CodyI am still happily married to KatieR WhitishAnd runs efficiently Elite Exterminators.

Sadly, DavidPassed away on January 5, 2018. The TexanHad been fighting cancer for nearly six and a half year. HeMoved onTo theNext life theHe loved the company of his family the most. InHis honor David’s closest friends held a memorial hog hunt from March16, 2018, March 18, 2018. Cody, theterminator, has not shared much information about his life with theSince 2005, public theReality series have ended airing.

WhereIt is Katie Ball Now?

Where Are They Now? Update on the Cast Today

After Krystal LeaLeft the Campbell business, theFamily patriarch Katie Ball on board. TheReality show was not her first. on camera for Katie. The former bartender had worked in ‘The EssenceThis is Irwin’ and ‘Cashback’ prior to coming on the show. AsWriting KatieHas not appeared onAny other projects onOr both theSmall or large the big screen since theReality TV ended. After theThe series has ceased airing. theFitness model jumps back into her workout routine and shows her progress onSocial media However, theReality star has been inactive on theInternet for as long as it takes to write.

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