Where are They Today? Update on the Cast

HBO Max’s ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ is an exciting reality show that opens a window into theA group of young black adults navigate their way through life. WhileMost cast members are Los AngelesNatives are able to see how they manage their professional and private lives, as well as dealing with the normal young-adult issues such a failed romance or broken friendships. Besides, theThe show also included a race angle as each cast member strives to be black-eligible. HoweverWith both seasons over and cameras turned off, fans will be able see the final season. areCurious to see where it is? theCast is currently available WellWe have your back!

Where Is Briana Jones Now?

Briana JonesHas had an interesting run on ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ starting from her relationship with P’JaeTo her rivalry with cast members, she believed they had feelings for one another, which was contrary to the majority belief. Myami. MoreoverSeason 2 of theAlso, show is documented theReality star launches her own line of skincare products At present, BrianaThe address is Los AngelesShe is a healthcare professional who also manages her successful skincare brand. Buttrd By Bri. BesidesShe appears to be single theLooks at it, but maintains a friendly relation with theOther cast members

Where Is Amanda Scott Now?

While on the show, AmandaYou won a lot hearts as Robert’s supportive partner, and she even has a charming personality that appeals to fans. TheReality star currently resides at Los AngelesShe also runs her luxury beauty brand. The KollectionTogether with her friend Kinny. AdditionallyShe is also a regional communication consultant. Wells FargoAccording to reports, he has aspirations to open a PR agency to promote black companies. Besides, FansI would be delighted to hear that, too. AmandaAnd Robert areCurrently together and still going strongly.

Where Is Cheryl Des Vignes Now?

A fan-favorite cast members on ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles,’ Cheryl Des VignesIs it a Los AngelesNative who still lives in her hometown and holds theGUESS: What is the position of an associate designer? Inc. InAdditional to this, CherylA well-known fashion designer, she has an impressive track record and even owns her own fashion label. Des Vignes ClothingThrough her, she sells sustainable handcrafted apparel for women. BesidesWe areIt’s a happy news to report CherylCast member now engaged Jerrold SmithII, and theTwo areThey are busy planning their wedding.

Where Is Rebecca Magett Now?

Although RebeccaWas linked with Jordan Bentley and P’Jae ComptonWhile on theShow, none of theAssociating is possible through connections theReality star appears to be single. She still resides in Los AngelesShe enjoys a full life with her loved ones and friends while running her health and wellbeing product line. Good For You.

Where Is Myami Woods Now?

Interestingly, Myami got quite popular in ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ since a lot of theShe was the center of all drama. HoweverAs theSeason progressed and she began to build bridges, and even bury them. theHatchet with a few cast members At present, theReality star lives in Los AnglesShe is single, but current developments point to her being so. MyamiIt is entirely focused onHer career and her own brand. Glisten Guru, which focuses primarily on on dental products.

Where Is Tylynn Burns Now?

Interestingly, TylynnAlways came across strong and confident, who never hesitated in speaking her mind. NaturallyThis characteristic led to altercations between cast members. TylynnHe was quick to help and repair connections. At present, theReality star lives in Los AngelesShe also runs her own event management company. House Party Creative. MoreoverShe is also employed by theAdvertising firm Wieden + KennedyAs a recruiter. LastLast but certainly not least Tylynnis in a happy marriage with Jaylenn HartHe is also involved in his Champion English BulldogBreeding company Hart&Bulls.

Where Is Candiss Cree Now?

Image Credit: Candiss Cree/Twitter

A resident of Los Angeles, CandissHe was friendly and down to earth. SheShe has maintained a close bond to most of her castmates. She is now enjoying a life surrounded with family and friends. Besides, theUCLA graduate in happy relationship with Keilan HortonIt is completely focused onShe started her own fashion label. CreeYou can also have a second finance-related company.

Where Is Jerrold SmithII Now?

Interestingly, ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ wasn’t Jerrold’s first foray into theHe has appeared before as a contestant in the television industry on Netflix’s ‘The Floor Is Lava.’ Nevertheless, theUCLA graduate now resides here Los AngelesWorks as a brand partner manager WestbrookAs well as hosting the popular podcast, Basketball Adjacent on the side. Besides, theReality star engaged to long-term girlfriend Cheryl Des VignesIn June2022, and the two even run a YouTube channel to keep fans up-to-date about their daily lives.

Where Is Jordan Bentley Now?

Interestingly, Jordan’s love and passion for anime and pop culture led him to establish his brand, HyplandHe was just a teenager. At present, the Los AngelesThe resident has taken HyplandTo greater heights theCompany deals in manga- and anime-inspired outfits Moreover, Jordan and his company’s popularity has helped him bag exclusive deals with popular anime titles and also allowed him to organize a massive anime expo that goes by theName Hypland Fest.

Where Is P’Jae Compton Now?

Interestingly, P’JaeAnd Briana’s seemingly failed relationship gave way to all kinds of drama and even turned a few of theCast members against him. However, theReality star has since apologized and tried to leave the past behind. Nevertheless, P’JaeCurrently, it is located in Los AngelesHe seems to be single at the moment, the ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ star owns a record label named Lost SoundIt also has a clothing shop. theName His & Hers.

Where Is Robert Lee Now?

While on the show, RobertHe was open with his girlfriend Amanda, and mentioned that he wanted to leave his regular job since P’JaeIt gave him the chance to be a comedian. Although theFans would be thrilled to learn that the decision was not risky. RobertHe followed his dreams and never looked back the commitment. At present, the Los AngelesInhabitants are quite popular in theComedy circuit and has collaborated with many big names in the industry. MoreoverHe and Amanda areThey are still strong and seem happy to be together.

Where Is Jaylenn Hart Now?

Although JaylennOriginally introduced as Tylynn’s boyfriend, he soon won fans over with his charming personality and honest approach. Moreover, the reality star even got into a physical altercation with P’JaeSeason 2 however theAfter the incident, both parties were able to reach an agreement. Nevertheless, JaylennCurrently, it is located in Los AngelesShe also runs a dog-breeding service. Hart&Bulls, which specializes Champion English Bulldogs. AdditionallyHe is still in a happy marriage with his wife Tylynn, theTwo areWe look forward to a great future.

Where Is Keilan Horton Now?

A native of Los Angeles, California, KeilanHe still resides in his hometown, and is in a happy marriage with him. Candis Cree. InterestinglyHe and Candis areAs brokers, they can also be partners in the business. Candis’ finance-related company and operate under theSame team. BesidesFrom theIt looks great! KeilanHe has built a life that is surrounded by his loved ones. We wish him well. theThe best for theMany more years to come.

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