Where is 42 Days of Darkness Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

Inspired by the book ‘You Know Who: NotesOn the Homicide of Viviana Haegar’ by Rodrigo Fluxá, ’42 Days of Darkness’ (originally titled ’42 días en la oscuridad’) isYou can find more information at ChileanCrime mystery series that isSet in a town Chile. TheNarrative revolves around CeciliaShe is a tireless searcher for her missing sister. Veronica. DuringThe search Cecilia must face the authorities’ ignorance, society’s prejudices, and the media’s harassing invasion ofThe case.

ThanksTo the talented ensemble ofCast members that includes Claudia Di Girólamo, (*42*) Küppenheim, Daniel Alcaíno, Pablo Macaya, Gloria Münchmeyer, the viewers are hooked on the suspenseful narrative in each episode. MoreoverThe mysterious mood is set by the dark undertone. ofThe series and the various locations where the authorities are CeciliaSearch for VeronicaKeep viewers guessing as to their true locations. InIn case you are curious about the same, we will provide all the details.

42 Days of Darkness Filming Locations

’42 Days of Darkness’ isFilmed in different cities around the world ChileParticularly in Santiago, Villarrica, Pucón, and Puerto Montt. SinceThe mystery series isAlso, filmed in ChileIt gives you that extra bit ofThe authenticity factor makes a significant difference in the overall production. ofThe series. ThereThere were questions about the complications ofFilming the first season in parts ofThe country was beautiful, but the production team used it to their advantage to enhance and portray the feelings. ofThe characters are better Here isEverything you need to know about specific locations featured in the show!

Santiago, Chile

TheProduction team establishes camp in the capital and biggest city of Chile — Santiago — to film several pivotal sequences for the crime series. BeingThe center of Chile’s most densely populated region of Santiago Metropolitan RegionThe bustling city of. of Chile works as the ideal location for an eventful series such as ’42 Days of Darkness.’

Where is 42 Days of Darkness Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

ApartThe modern architecture and urbanscape are a great example of this. Santiago isMany mountain ranges surround the property. ManyThe city’s diversity attracts filmmakers. oflandscapes and prefer to use its features as filming locations. OverThe capital city has been featured in numerous media outlets over the years. of filming projects, such as ‘A Fantastic Woman,’ ‘The Wolf House,’ ‘The Amazing Race,’ and ‘Jailbreak Pact.’

Other LocationsIn Chile

Where is 42 Days of Darkness Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

ForThe cast and crew of filming crew members of ’42 Days of Darkness’ even travel to the city and commune of VillarricaIn southern Chile. ItIt appears that they stayed in southern areas ofThe country for quite some time, as the production crew also used the landscape of Puerto Montt — a port city and commune located in southern Chile — to tape quite a few sequences for the inaugural season ofThe series. InAdditionally, some key scenes from the original installment were also taped. Pucón — a city and commune located in the Province of Cautín.

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