Where is Andre Richardson Now? Update

In MayA group of friends set out to celebrate the arrival of summer 2019, only to be caught up in a brutal shooting. Teenagers Royal AbramAnd Matrell JohnsonIn a shocking act of violence, they were gunned down. Investigation Discovery’s ‘See No Evil: Smoke Shop Fugitive’ focuses on how the killer was identified through surveillance videos. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Royal AbramAnd Matrell Johnson Die?

RoyalIn March2001 Cedar Rapids, Iowa. HeA music lover, he was also a member of the local choir. The18-year-old boy was known for helping others and had started a project together with his father to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the local community. Waterloo, Iowa. His friend, Matrell JohnsonThe victim, who was also 18 years old, had just graduated from school months before the incident. HeHe loved basketball and was close with his siblings.

Image Credit: Brosh Chapel/Matrell’s Family

RoyalAnd MatrellYou had a plan to go out May17, 2019, with two more friends Kayla Panos-BlackcloudAnd Booker McKinney. TheFour of them left for a party Kayla’s car that evening. At around 1:21 AM on May18th April 2019, the authorities received information about a shooting in front of a smoke shop. Kirkwood, Iowa. ThereThey found out RoyalAnd MatrellShot several times in the back seat of the car, with KaylaAs well, they are often injured. Initially, Booker wasn’t in the car but was later tracked down to a hospital; he had gunshot injuries too.

Who Killed Royal AbramAnd Matrell Johnson?

With KaylaAnd BookerIn surgery and RoyalAnd MatrellNow, authorities are trying to figure out who was behind this terrible crime. SurveillanceVideo from the smoke shop recorded the attack and provided crucial information. AsAccording to the show a white car arrived in the lot minutes before the incident. When Kayla’s SUV pulled up beside it, the suspect emerged from the white vehicle wearing a hoodie and firing several times before fleeing the scene.

Where is Andre Richardson Now? Update

TheWhite car was driven and seen by another person before it took off. InThe suspect had purchased something in the store prior to the shooting. The camera captured his face, helping to identify him. Thecar was traced back to a woman named Alexandra SmithDeShawn was identified as the person who got in the vehicle. Hull. AccordingAccording to authorities AlexandraDeShawn, the suspect and two other people were in the car.

AlexandraLater, she was brought in to question the fifth passenger in the car. Andre Richardson. By then, the police had already found DeShawn’s Facebookaccount and identified AndreThrough photos taken that day, as the photographer While AlexandraReconnaît avoir Andre being there, the police felt she wasn’t being entirely honest. AccordingAccording to the show’s producers, her bank records contained transactions in MissouriAfter the shooting, surveillance starting from a WalmartHer name was recorded with Andre.

TheAuthorities investigated AndreHe realized that he had a long criminal history. HeHe was previously convicted of theft, assault, possession of weapons, and forgery among other charges. SoThe hunt for this dangerous criminal came to an abrupt halt. June2019 after a brief foot chase, the police found him in a garage. WhileThe suspect was being held in custody. His actions shocked everyone.

Where is Andre Richardson Now?

AndreLater, it was revealed that someone had built a house in the area where he lived with his girlfriend just weeks before the smokeshop incident. SoIn the days leading up to the shooting Kirkwood, AndreClaim to have seen a photograph FacebookThat he thought it was of the person who shot at that house. ThereThat picture showed an SUV. AndreThought Kayla’s car that pulled into the parking lot was the same one, and he ended up firing into that vehicle.

Where is Andre Richardson Now? Update

AndreHe pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder, attempted killing, and willful injury leading to serious injury. InIn addition, he pled guilty each to intimidation with dangerous weapons and possession of a firearm in the hands of a felon. In September2020, then 27 AndreReceived a total of 75 years behind bars For Alexandra’s part in the crime, she was convicted of being an accessory after the fact. PrisonAccording to records, AndreIs still in prison at the Iowa State PenitentiaryIn Fort Madison, Lee County. HeYou must serve at least 35 years to be eligible for parole.

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