Where is Angelyne’s Ex-Husband Today? Update

Peacock’s biographical drama series ‘Angelyne’ follows the life of the eponymous Los Angeles “billboard celebrity,” who went on to become a singer, actress, and media personality. TheEarly episodes of the show revolve around Angelyne’s growth as a celebrity, garnering attention from all around the world. The news coverage of the “Angelyne phenomenon” astounds Danny KatzHer ex-husband. DannyGet away on a vacation starting at MoroccoTo Los AngelesAnd meets AngelyneWith her personal belongings. Since Danny’s existence isIt is a revelation in itself, especially when you consider the mystery surrounding it. Angelyne’s past, we have set out to find more about him. HereThese are our findings!

Who is Danny Katz?

TheCharacter Danny Katz isBased on Michael StraussThe real-life ex-husband Angelyne. Strausswas born into a Beverly Hills-based Jewish family. Hemet Angelyne(also known as Renee Tami Goldbergat the time) via mutual friends. “She [Angelyne/Renee]She was the most beautiful redhead. She was unique, beautiful, smart,” StraussTelled The Hollywood Reporter’s Gary Baum. TheirThe wedding took place in the late 1960s. They went on to have a happy life together. Angelyne’s younger sister AnnetteHer first husband was at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard Vine StreetIn Hollywood, Los Angeles. TheirMarried life was short-lived and ended in an amicable split.

Where is Angelyne's Ex-Husband Today? Update

After Strauss’ break up with AngelyneHe started a traveling expedition and only returned home to LA in the middle of the 1970s. “I hooked up with ReneeAgain, she was Angelyne. I wasn’t there when she made the transition. All of a sudden, big boobs, blond hair, this voice — the voice used to make me nuts. It didn’t compute with who I’d known she was,” he added to Gary Baum. StraussHe was an entrepreneur at the moment and believed that AngelyneShe didn’t achieve the financial success she deserved.

“She [Angelyne] invented this marvelous, crazy, out-of-this-world character but couldn’t fully sell it,” StraussTelled Gary Baum. Still, the ex-husband was rooting for his ex-wife’s success. “I was always a Renee rooter: ‘Come on, girl, take it to the next level!’ But she only had the capacity to take it so far,” he added. InIn the early 1990s, the couple met again. This time, it was for the second time. Straussto return some of her personal possessions, including photos and documents. However, his ex-wife wasn’t interested in them.

“[…]she [Angelyne] didn’t want them, and I wasn’t just going to throw them away. What if she ever wanted them back? Except she never did,” StraussTelled Gary. “I saw her in the early 1990s, and I said, ‘I have these things.’ She didn’t want them. SheIt was a great idea. She’d created another life,” he added.

Where is Danny Katz Now?

As2017 Michael StraussWas living in Carlsbad, a city on the coast in San Diego County, California. AtAfter a successful career as an acrylic furniture manufacturer, he settled down with his family. AccordingTo StraussHe resisted public speaking about it. Angelyne until Gary Baum contacted him for the journalist’s exposé. In2016: A DMV investigator reached him to confirm Angelyne’s real identity when she applied for a new driver’s license as well.

Where is Angelyne's Ex-Husband Today? Update

StraussIt was a key source of Gary Baum’s 2017 feature that revealed Angelyne’s real identity. TheEx-husband shared photos of his ex-wife GaryHe used it in his feature. AngelyneThey did not respond well to Strauss’ involvement in Gary’s exposé. “[Strauss]He’ll be saying things just for his name to be heard. I can’t blame him. It’s OK,” she told LA WeeklyConcerning the same. “I’ve got a lot of fame and if he wants to take some of it, that’s fine. I hardly know the guy,” she added. ButContrary to Angelyne’s claim, the ex-husband has chosen to keep his life private, barring the exception of Gary’s interview with him.

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