Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy Nick WalkerBased on his BBC Radio 4 drama ‘Annika Strandhed,’ ‘Annika’ isA riveting series of police procedural dramas. BritishNetwork Alibi. ‘Unforgotten‘ famed Nicola WalkerThe titular role is taken on. Detective Inspector Annika Strandhed isVeteran of the Scottish PoliceThe series begins with her taking on a critical position at the Glasgow Marine Homicide Unit. MuchLike the original series. Annika isOf Norwegiandescent, and her relationship to her teenage daughter gives the character an intricate makeover.

WhileThe plot revolves around the mother/daughter relationship. isIt is episodic in nature, but chronicles. AnnikaSolving puzzle cases TheThis story shows a small slice of ScotlandFinished with depictions of rivers and lochs. MoreoverThe show’s appearance is more ethereal because of the white backdrops. Nordic noir. HoweverIf you are interested in finding out where the series was recorded, isWe have the footage, now let’s take you to the locations.

Annika Filming Locations

‘Annika’ was filmed in and around ScotlandParticularly in Glasgow. PrincipalThe photography for the inaugural season began on December14, 2020 and wrapped by April 2, 2021. ScotlandThe series features a dramatic setting to entice foreign and homegrown productions. LetLet us now take the series to the locations. is filmed.

Glasgow, Scotland

Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

MostThe show isPartially filmed in and around Glasgow, a major port in the western region LowlandsOf ScotlandThe city is known for its vibrant art and culture scene. TheThe production team films all around the city and showcases some of the most captivating sequences. Clyde River. ImpressivelyIt is enough to mention that the crew actually films the river scenes in the water. OneThe show features some of the neighborhoods. is PartickA dynamic community located near the UniversityOf Glasgow. InThe crew filmed several sequences in the area. Cowan StreetAnd Patrickhill RoadNearby Turnberry Road.

MoreoverMany scenes show the peaceful residential neighborhood of BellahoustonAnd High StreetThe oldest street in the city. TheFictional Natural WaterCompany isActually, a property located on Virginia StreetIn the city. AnotherThe chase sequence in the initial season was filmed in the Glasgow City CentreAround Buchanan StreetNear the Glasgow Royal Concert HallAnd Buchanan GalleriesShopping center TheBusy Royal Exchange SquareBetween Buchanan StreetAnd Queen StreetAlso, the series has a place for them, especially in the cafe sequences.

OtherFilming locations in the city include: Byres Roadarea, the residential Ruthven Street, Ashton Lane. In March2021: The crew visited Glasgow’s residential Bellahoustonthey taped some shots at the area Fleur Avenue. TheA few scenes were shot on the property selected for season 1. isThe iconic HouseFor more information, Art Lover, an art nouveau home based on a 1901 design Charles Rennie Mackintosh. TheFourth episode features Sir Charles Wilson Lecture TheatreA current UniversityOf GlasgowLecture hall University AvenueIn Kelvinbridge.

MoreoverSome scenes in the episode were shot outside. Mitchell Street Car ParkNearby Glasgow Central Station. ForThe crew shot a few scenes at a vintage store in the fifth episode. Dowanhill LaneIn Glasgow. TheThe same episode also features Glasgow Necropolis, VictorianCemetery located at Castle StreetIn Glasgow. TheCemetery is located at a stone’s throw from the Glasgow Cathedral. A few scenes from the fifth episode were shot in the Pacific Quayarea, south River ClydeIn Glasgow.

ArgyllAnd Bute Council, Scotland

SeveralAdditional scenes were shot around the area. ArgyllAnd Bute Council. TheA few scenes were taped by crew on the IsleOf Bute, off the coast Scotland. SeveralSequences also show the vast Loch LomondIn all its glory. The freshwater loch isSurrounded by lush greenery Loch LomondAnd The Trossachs National Park.

TheThe team also visits the luxurious coastal township of HelensburghThey film in the iconic structure of Victoria Halls. The town’s community hall located at Sinclair StreetIt showcases beautiful gothic architecture. WhileThe crew filmed a variety of scenes in the area, beginning in 2021. Victoria HallsThe facility includes a school play and a police station.

Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

OnOn the other hand, Hermitage ParkStands in for a morgue TheShow also aims at boosting local businesses ScenesThe first episode was filmed at the Riverside EspressoStand at the Rhu Road LowerIn Helensburgh. AdditionallyMany scenes from the village of are featured in the show. Luss, and the Katrine Boat HireLocalization isPerhaps the Luss Pier.

Greenock, Scotland

Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

Several sequences of ‘Annika’ are filmed in and around the township of GreenockIn the west-central LowlandsOf Scotland. TheCrew films the bulk of the sequences on the Beacon Arts Centreat Custom House QuayIn Greenock. TheLocation doubles up as the MHU headquarters for the series. TheThe crew also films sequences at the harbor near the arts center, namely: East India Harbour.

North Ayrshire, Scotland

TheCrew and crew also film many scenes in the villages around the area. FirthOf ClydeVisit several lesser-known spots. SomeScenes feature the West CoastThis is a seaside village LargsA small township about 53 kilometers from the capital. Glasgow. Largs Yacht HavenMarina on Irvine RoadThe town also serves as a filming location for the series. The Scottish Gaelic word “An Leargaidh Ghallda,” the community’s name roughly translates as “the slopes” in English.

Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

TourismIt is the major economic venture of the town. AsMany resorts and beaches have been built in the region. TheThe historic links the township has with the past are a source of pride Vikings. Since1980: Locals also celebrate an annual VikingFest to remember the 1263 BattleOf Largs.

Glencoe, Scotland

The scene depicts the ending of the first episode. Kingshouse HotelA peaceful and tranquil accommodation for tourists in western Canada Scotland’s Glencoe village. LocatedNearby is the village BallachulishThe sparsely populated city of GlencoeIt is the center of Glencoe Valley. ScottishHistory remembers the spot as the site for the MassacreOf GlencoeIt was held in 1692. The Glencoe Folk MuseumThis chapter is shown in greater detail. isIt is a place of fascination and wonder for history lovers.

Trossachs, Scotland

Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

TheSometimes, the filming unit is also visited TrossachsLocated in the eastern half of the state, it is called the Ben LomondIn the StirlingCouncil area of Scotland. SomeScenes depict the vastness of the landscape Loch KatrineThe 13-kilometer-long serpentine lake is located in the Trossachs area. AtIts largest point is 1 mile in diameter. ForThe loch has been a popular tourist spot for fishing and camping.

Other LocationsIn Scotland

SeeminglyThe crew did everything possible to create the noir atmosphere in the series. TheyThe community of also was visited RenfrewAbout 6 miles west of GlasgowTo film some scenes for the season’s finale. SequencesFilms were made in the town. Ferry InnA lively pub at 1 Clyde StreetIn Renfrew.

Where is Annika Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

ToFilm some scenes featuring the cliffs. The production team for the first season also moved there. Dumbarton Rock. Therock isHome to the historically significant Dumbarton Castle, the oldest army stronghold ever recorded Scotland. In March2021: Scenes were captured around the Lunderston BayNear Gourock, a settlement not too far from Glasgow.

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