Where Is Anthony Wallen Now? Update

When Jarret ClarkReports of missing persons were made in MayInvestigators hoped that it would be an open case in 2006. HoweverHis body was found floating in a nearby lake days later. This indicates foul play. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Swamp Murders: What Happened InThe Woods’ chronicles Jarret’s murder and shows how although the case went cold, a determined police investigation finally unraveled a sinister murder plot. Let’s delve into the details of the crime and find out more, shall we?

How Did Jarret Clark Die?

Jarret ClarkHe was eighteen years of age at the time he died and had just graduated from high school. HeHe had grand plans for the future, and even dreamed of joining the military. DescribedAs a kind-hearted, lively teenager JarretHe was friendly with all people he met, and was always available to lend a hand. HisHis parents and teachers were very fond of him. Even today, it is difficult to accept the fact that he has passed away.

On May 13, 2006, JarretHe was thrilled to attend a graduation party. He and other teenagers had decided that they would stay overnight at a campsite in the area. Wahoo Bay, Oklahoma. InterestinglyThe show mentioned that the acquaintances were a group. Jarret decided to camp with wasn’t his usual friend circle. Nevertheless, JarretAs per his plan, set out from his home and, once at the campsite met the group. Anthony “Tony” Wallen, Brandon HargroveHis girlfriend, Courtney Manzer, Wayne Humphrey, Brandon’s older sister Dayna Hargrove.

TheAlthough it seems like a day went by without any incident, Jarret’s family got extremely worried when the teen did not return home the next day. TheyInstantly, he contacted authorities to inform them about his last known location. LawEnforcement officials were quick to organize large search parties to sweep the surrounding areas. AlthoughThey were meticulous in their search for the missing teen, but there was no news for days about him. Hopes for his safe return began to fade.

Ultimately’ on May19, 2006: The worst fears were confirmed Jarret’s body was located floating in a nearby pool. InterestinglyHis body was covered in shrubs from the campsite, which indicated that he had been dragged. Authorities quickly declared him dead. Although there was blunt force trauma on the victim’s body, the autopsy determined that he had drowned to death.

Who Killed Jarret Clark?

The initial investigation into Jarret’s murder was relatively slow as the crime scene did not provide a lot of leads, to begin with. AlthoughThe victims’ family members claimed that he was involved with minor altercations, and they also claimed that he was drunk. InvestigatorsI searched the surrounding areas, dug through the campsite, and even looked around the lake, but nothing came up. BesidesEven though most of them are not, Jarret’s acquaintances were interviewed, they could not provide a promising lead, and the police found themselves back on square one.

Where Is Anthony Wallen Now? Update

ForThe case remained unresolved for years. A new sheriff opened it in 2012. HeI began investigating the murder immediately and quickly learned that Jarret’s girlfriend had received some weird texts on the night of his disappearance, which did not seem like they were written by the victim. SensingDetectives arrested everyone on the scene for foul play until they were able to bring justice. Wayne HumphreyHe confessed that it was a confession he made. Jarretby his arms WallenHe was repeatedly punched and kicked.

Moreover, a witness who was close to the campsite on night of May13 claimed she had heard angry voices, and even seen a truck drive up the lake before there was a splash. TheWitness statement and evidence JarretHe was dragged from the campsite. This made for a compelling case. But the last nail in the coffin was hit when another witness claimed that ManzerHad confessed to the crime. ThusThe police quickly rounded up the suspects without wasting any time Courtney Manzer, Dayna Hargrove (now Miller), and Anthony WallenThey were arrested for the crime.

Where Is Anthony Wallen Now?

Where Is Anthony Wallen Now? Update

Initially, Anthony WallenAlthough he was convicted in first-degree murder, he pleaded guilty in 2016 to conspiracy to murder second-degree murder after being presented in court. AsHe was sentenced to eight-years in prison and then 12 years of probation. AlthoughHis prison records show that he is currently on parole. Tony’s status as a parolee ensures that he is still a resident of Oklahoma.

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