Where is Archie McFarland’s Killer Today? Update

Titled ‘Racing Hearts,’ season 2 episode 1 of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Affairs: BetrayedBy Love’ chronicles the gruesome 1985 murder of Archie McFarland. InvestigationsHe revealed a shocking extramarital affair between his wife and a younger male named Janos KulcsarHe was later named the prime suspect in the case. AlmostHe was convicted of the crime 27 years later. CuriousLearn more Janos? Here isEverything we can tell.

Who is Janos Kulczar?

Long Beach, Californiaresident Janos Kulcsarmet Mary Ann McFarland in 1982,  in a restaurant in Torrance. AtHe was then 32 years old, while she was 49. They were married to each other in December. Archie McFarland. SheA daughter was named after her LindaFrom her first marriage, she had a son named GaryWith ArchieBorn in 1965, he is now a citizen of the United States. When Mary Annmet Janos, she and her husband were having some marital troubles, and thus, it wasn’t long before she fell for the young man and started seeing him. GraduallyThey entered into a sexually intimate relationship and her husband and son discovered the truth.

Where is Archie McFarland's Killer Today? Update
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Around 1984, Mary AnnMoved in with JanosFor over a year and a quarter, despite Archie’s repeatedly requesting her to not leave. HoweverSoon, she decided to go back to her husband and children to fix their problems and ensure a better future. ThisEnraged JanosHe was determined to keep her from leaving. When Mary AnnHe returned home and began calling her repeatedly, threatening her to not leave him, and eventually he left. MoreoverHe was not only threatening, ArchieOn call, but also visited McFarlands December3, 1985 and allegedly threatened his ex lover to shoot him.

Mary AnnSomehow convinced Janos to not do so and leave, but he gave her an ultimatum of going back to him and returned to meet her again three days later, in her husband’s absence. InThe early hours of the morning December 9, 1985, 58-year-old ArchieMacFarland was earlier than usual to get to work, but his son found him in the driveway, lying on his back with his hand across his chest. NotHis car was heard running in the garage. Initially, GaryThought his father had suffered a heart attack, and called emergency. But he and Mary AnnThey tried to move him, but they were horrified by his bloodied chest.

Where is Archie McFarland's Killer Today? Update
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ImmediatelyThe mother and son were suspected JanosBecause he was the only one with whom he had any recent friction Archie. UnfortunatelyThe victim succumbed to his injuries, three stab wounds on his chest, one on the lower abdomen and one near the groin. JanosHe was taken into custody later that morning. However, because of the lack of proper incriminating evidence, as well as his inconsistent statements, he was released on bail without any charges two days later. December 11, 1985. SubsequentlyThe case was left as a cold one. March1986, and Mary AnnShe continued to maintain her relationship with Janos.

HoweverJust as everyone had given up on finding happiness, so did I. Archie’s murderer, the case was once again re-opened in 2002. Following this, Detective Walt Delsigne Sergeant Keith Fornierwere given to re-interview JanosTake a second look at the evidence in 2009 HeHe reportedly changed his testimony and said that he would babysit his brother. Laszlo’s children on the day of the murder.

But upon questioning, LaszloThese claims were denied Mary Ann also detailed her lover’s threats to her and ArchieIn December 1985. BasedThe testimonies are available. JanosHe was taken into custody September27, 2010 and was charged with one count murder. There is also a special allegation that the accused used a deadly weapon to commit the crime. DuringThe jury considered several factors during the trial. Linda GaryTestimonials Janos’ threatening ArchieFurther, they stated that their father had no known enemies.

FurthermoreThe clothes that were retrieved from the forensic evidence were used to re-examine the evidence. Janos’ apartment during the initial investigation after the murder, as well as Archie’s blood samples and injuries deduced in the earlier autopsies. Not just that, the testimony of the McFarlands’ neighbor was taken into account as well as the fact that the police found Janos’ car engine to be extremely hot the day of the arrest as if it was recently driven.

Where is Janos Kulcsar Now?

On January 19, 2012, Janos KulcsarWas convicted of the first-degree murder charge Archie McFarland. HeWas sentenced to 26 years in prison. DuringThe sentencing Gary addressed him and said, “I hate what you did, but I don’t hate you…It took 25 years, but I really appreciate that the system does actually work.”

Where is Archie McFarland's Killer Today? Update
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Afterward, JanosIn 2013, he filed a defense petition for a review of his case citing pre-arrest delays, but the court denied his appeal. November 20, 2013. PresentlyHe is71-years old and incarcerated at California Correctional InstitutionIn TehachapiYou will only be eligible for parole if you meet the following requirements: June 2026.

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