Where is Baltimore Resident Today? Update

‘We Own This City‘ isDramatized retelling of corruption scandal within the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. TheSeries isBased on Justin Fenton’s 2021 nonfiction book of the same name and features several actual incidents that shaped the shocking corruption story. InIn the fourth episode, viewers learn about an incident that occurred. Wayne JenkinsCatch a Baltimoreresident Umar BurleyDuring a surveillance run.

Burley isArrest for drug possession HoweverAdditional investigation by FBI AgentsIt is revealed that JenkinsCould have planted the drugs to incriminate Burley. ThereforeViewers should be curious to learn more Umar BurleyFind out what happened to him following his arrest. In that case, we’ve got you covered! Here isEverything you need to learn about Umar BurleyFind out his current whereabouts!

Who Is Umar Burley?

Umar BurleyA resident of BaltimoreThe arrest of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task ForceIn 2010. In April 2010, GTTF’s Wayne JenkinsThis is what we learned BurleyHad been involved in a drug deal and was driving away. JenkinsHis team pursued Burley’s vehicle with Burley Brent Matthews inside. TheChase concluded after Burley’s car collided with another car driven by Elbert Davis and his wife in the passenger’s seat.

Where is Baltimore Resident Today? Update
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The collision killed Davis, Burley Matthews were arrested. FollowingThe arrests Jenkins Detective Sean Suiter checked Burley’s car for drugs and found 32 grams of heroin in the vehicle. FollowingHis arrest BurleyHe was charged with vehicular manslaughter and possession with intent to distribute heroin. On June 10, 2011, BurleyPled guilty in court to drug possession charges and was sentenced at fifteen years in prison BurleyPled guilty to vehicular murderer August10, 2011 and was sentenced for ten years to be served concurrently. HoweverFollowing a robbery, the GTTF officers were taken into custody. Federal InvestigationNew evidence has been presented in the 2010 incident indicting BurleyIt was brought to our attention.

Where Is Umar Burley Now?

AfterHe was arrested and convicted. BurleyAlmost seven years spent in prison However, after JenkinsNew evidence has proven that the GTTF officers and others were also arrested in a federal racketeering case. Burley’s innocence in the original 2010 drug possession incident. DuringHis trial. JenkinsParticipation in the cover-up was a crime that he pleaded guilty to. However, JenkinsHe maintained that he had not planted the drugs. In 2017, BurleyHe was paroled and then released from prison December19, 2017 after the drug possession charges against him were dropped due to new evidence. RoughlyOne year later, manslaughter charges were brought against BurleyThese were also vacated.

Where is Baltimore Resident Today? Update
Image Credit: Rockingham County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office/WHSV

In 2018, Burley MatthewsThey filed a federal civil rights suit and sought compensation for their wrong convictions. TheThe case was settled in November2020, with CityOf BaltimoreCompensations up to $8 million Burley Matthews. BurleyThe settlement settlement reportedly paid $6.275 million to the plaintiffs. However, BurleyAfter the police in, 2020 saw the police again become the focus of media attention. VirginiaHe was arrested. AfterA gunshot to the head can inflict serious injuries on a woman BurleyHad fled Motel6 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Hewas chased down by the police and eventually taken into custody TheLater, the woman was identified as Burley’s then-girlfriend Banitha Agee. BurleyFaces several criminal charges Shenandoah Rockingham counties. HoweverHis trials are ongoing and he is still being tried. BurleyCould face life imprisonment

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