Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Today? Mind Over Murder Update

After Helen WilsonIn was murdered February1985. The case was frozen. It was eventually recovered many years later. TheInvestigators investigating the case eventually found six suspects. Thomas WinslowBeing one of them. HBO’s ‘Mind Over Murder’ isA fascinating documentary series that examines the human condition. Beatrice SixThey were called “the gang” and were interrogated until most of them confessed to being involved in the crime. HoweverDNA testing proved that they were innocent decades later. So, if you’re wondering how Thomas came into the picture and what happened since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Thomas Winslow?

When Thomas came to the authorities’ attention in 1989, he was 23 years old and was previously diagnosed with depression. TheThe diagnosis was made by the same doctor who treated Ada JoAnn Taylor, one of the first people to be arrested. During Ada’s interviews, she mentioned there was “another boy” involved in Helen’s murder. HoweverHer description of this person was varied.

AdaFinally, it was chosen Thomas’ photograph from a lineup; he was her high school classmate. Lisa PodendorfHad told deputy sheriff Burdette SearceyAbout Ada’s confession, paving the way for Ada’s arrest. FurthermoreShe also mentioned seeing ThomasWith Ada, Joseph WhiteAnd another person in a vehicle near Helen’s apartment. When ThomasWhen questioned in 1985, he claimed that he was at work at the time of the crime. ButLater, Burdette determined that wasn’t true.

In February 1989, ThomasWhile in jail, he was again questioned about an unrelated assault case. DuringHe confessed to lying about his location and said he had borrowed his car to him. Ada, Joseph, and another person named Cliff Shelden. ThenThe following month is. BurdetteSubmitted ThomasHe would talk to the judge and ask for a non-cash bail for the assault. DuringHis statement ThomasFirst mentioned driving around with Ada JosephOn February5, 1985, when he heard them talking about robbing an elderly woman. HeThey claimed that they dropped him off, and the car was returned the next morning.

LaterWhen? BurdetteIt was mentioned that a witness saw. ThomasHe changed his story while he was near the crime scene. Thomas said he lied because he didn’t want to be connected to the murder. ThenAfter a break in the interview ThomasHe claimed that he went to the apartment along with the others and then left. Ada Joseph attacked Helen. YearsLater, he stated regarding Burdette, “HeHe would move his papers, and then he would place them on the tables when he disapproved. AndWhen he was satisfied, he would bring them closer to him. And he would smile and gesture.”

Where is Thomas Winslow Today?

ThomasHe also claimed that he was forced to move into that apartment because it was a common pattern in his life. He added, “I have to make friends, or I’ll get insecure. I’ll get scared, because I feel like I can’t make any friends, so I’ll do anything.” Furthermore, Thomas’ blood type didn’t match the evidence found at the crime scene. Despite providing conflicting statements and then saying he wasn’t a part of the murder, he pled no contest to aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Today? Mind Over Murder Update

AsA result ThomasHe was sentenced for 50 years in prison. He accepted the plea deal as he feared the death penalty if convicted. WhileIn prison ThomasI was sexually assaulted multiple times and was reluctant to have DNA testing done until a few years later. According to his lawyer, “HeHe had accepted his fate. He felt that maybe the government was right, and he had done something horrible.” EventuallyThe 2008 DNA testing results revealed that Thomas and the rest weren’t responsible for the murder.

SoIn OctoberHe was sentenced to time served and released after 18 years in prison. In 2011, ThomasHe was awarded $180,000 as a settlement to the wrongful conviction, and $7.3million as part of a civil lawsuit a few decades later. Regarding that lawsuit, he said, “PartThe reason we were able to push through the emotions was because Joe White. HeThis gives us extra strength. He was stronger than us all the way around.” Since then, ThomasThe occupant of the last reported residence was not reported to be in existence, so he has remained away from public attention. Oklahoma. BeforeHe worked in that capacity. Omaha, Nebraska.

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