Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Today? Mind Over Murder Update

In 1989, James DeanHe was one of six suspects uncovered during an investigation. Helen Wilson’s murder a few years prior. ButSince then, the method of interrogation that led to confessions has been criticized. HBO’s ‘Mind Over Murder’ chronicles the complex case and how James and five others were sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, all based on seemingly coerced confessions. So, let’s find out more about JamesSo, let’s get on with it!

Who is James Dean?

JamesHe was arrested in April 1989 after Debra SheldenHe was charged with the crime. AtHe was a 25-year old construction worker. HisInitial reaction was to cry out and proclaim that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Helen’s slaying. Even during questioning, JamesHe requested a lawyer, but he was apparently ignored. HeThe police then informed him about the conversations of others with the police about his involvement, and that he had failed a polygraph.

As JamesHe began to doubt the statements he made to police. Wayne PriceThe psychologist suggested to him that he might have suppressed these memories. WayneTo help with recalling the memories, he offered to have sessions with him. DuringThese sessions JamesHe revealed that his father, brother-inlaw, and mother physically abused the child. HeIt was then claimed that Joseph WhiteLooked like his brother and might have asked him for something, just as his brother-in law used to.

By May 1989, JamesHad been shown photos of the crime scene and visited the apartment. Helen died. HeThe police then arrested him and told him that he was a part of the murder along with the others. James added, “WellIt is possible that I recalled it in my sleep. Evidently, I had some subconscious block or something. I don’t know what it was for sure, and I couldn’t remember, and I thought I was telling the truth naturally, and I said I was not there.”

OverThe investigation progressed. JamesUp to eight different statements were provided, each one with different information about what happened on the night that the 1985 murder occurred. HoweverHe also stated that he received much of the information from his dreams. James added, “I’m just telling you bits and piecesThis is what I can tell you like you guys wanted to know, you know.”

Where is James Dean Today?

Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Today? Mind Over Murder Update
Image Credit: Michigan State University/The National Registry of Exonerations

JamesPled guilty to second-degree murder aiding and abetting May 1989. HeHe was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and was held for approximately four-and-a half years. AsThe deal includes a portion of the following: JamesTestified at Joseph’s trial. FurthermoreA psychologist has diagnosed you James, Ada Taylor, DebraWith Stockholm syndrome. James$300,000.00 was paid for the wrongful conviction, and $2 million for the civil trial. AtHe was engaged at the time of the legal proceedings. Lydia Buckley. Since then, JamesHe has kept a low profile but it was reported in 2009, that he was a trucker living in. Salinas, Kansas.

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