Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Today? Mind Over Murder Update

The1985 Small-town Murder Helen Wilson isThis case has seen many twists. Six suspects were arrested by authorities a few years after the murder and they were eventually sent to prison. ButYears later, DNA testing provided shocking results after all were ruled out. HBO’s ‘Mind Over Murder’ delves into the story behind the case and how the arrests came to be. Ada JoAnn Taylor was one of the first to be taken into custody and spent nearly two decades in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. So, let’s find out what happened to her then, shall we?

Who is Ada JoAnn Taylor?

When AdaWhen she was young, she lived in a cattle ranch in Leicester, North Carolina. SheHer childhood was difficult and she was molested until she was 11 years old by her stepfather. AdaShe was placed in foster care and moved to in 1981. Beatrice, NebraskaShe is pictured here with her boyfriend. Then18 years old, she was pregnant by his child. Things didn’t go her way because the boyfriend left her three weeks later. Eventually, AdaShe attended high school and tried to raise the child herself.

AdaA psychologist diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder. By1985: She gave up her parental rights to move to Los Angeles, California, to do sex work. ThereShe met Joseph WhiteThey returned to Beatrice because he wanted to help her fight for her daughter’s custody. InThe same town was visited a few months later by a 68-year old Helen WilsonShe was brutally raped in her home and killed. HerBody was found on February6, 1985 at approximately 9:30 AM.

WhileAlthough there was evidence of physical evidence, the technology at the time limited the testing. TheCase went cold until Burdette SearceyA former police officer began investigating the case and began compiling suspect lists. HeIn 1987, he was made deputy sheriff. Eventually, Burdettecame across Lisa PodendorfAccording to a source, he claimed that he was awake at 7:30 AM. February6, 1985: She saw police cars outside Helen’s apartment and remembered AdaConfession of guilt. AccordingTo Lisa, AdaAnd Joseph had killed Helen. HoweverThe time LisaThe time was off by two hours. BurdetteI had already learned this. AdaShe was at home with her parents when it was suspected that the crime occurred.

By March 1989, AdaIt was back in North CarolinaWith her family, she was arrested on suspicion for murder. Initially, she told the police that she didn’t remember information regarding the murder but was pressured into it. But Ada couldn’t remember even the basic details of the crime. During an interview with a psychologist, she said, “In my head and in my heart, I know I wasn’t there.” Furthermore, AdaInsisted that she had used drugs and drank a lot in 1985, causing her to not remember much. ButHer stance changed over multiple interviews.

DespiteThe blood type of AdaAnd JosephThe evidence on the scene was not consistent with the evidence that was found, but authorities kept pushing for more evidence and believed other people were involved in the crime. AdaContinued to accept several suggestions from BurdetteDuring interrogation, she eventually came to believe that she was involved with the crime. AtOne point. AdaShe stated that she held a pillow above her head. Helen’s head as a way to protect her. She said, “I know with my rape, my father’s face has haunted me all my life. I didn’t want her to see the face that would haunt her. I did not realize I was killing her.”

Where is Ada JoAnn Taylor Today?

AdaFour others pleaded guilty or not guilty to their involvement. JosephGoing to trial. AllOne of them was found guilty. AdaWas convicted of second-degree Murder and sentenced for 40 years in prison It wasn’t until August2008 DNA tests proved that none of the six suspects were involved in the crime. By January2009, all of them were pardoned. However, AdaShe had difficulty believing her innocence. She once told a friend, “If I didn’t put the pillow on her head, why do I keep having these thoughts and visions?”

Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Today? Mind Over Murder Update
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By 2008, AdaCompleted a few courses at a local community college and got her GED. Omaha, Nebraska. AtShe hoped to attend the event at that time. Bellevue UniversityIn Nebraska. ApartFrom being in a relationship with her child AdaRegular attendance at church was a requirement. AdaLater, she claimed that she lied to authorities to get evidence to prove her guilt.

Ada added, “I was coerced. I should not have agreed to what the investigators and the county attorney wanted me to believe. It should have been fought. I hate the fact that I didn’t fight it.” In July2016 She was awarded $7.3million in civil litigation. AdaIt was my goal to buy a small home with this money. As2017 was her primary source of income. She moved back to receive disability benefits. North CarolinaAfter her release.

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