Where is Becky Bryan Now? Update

A panicked 911 call from Rebecca BryanOne night in September2011 saw the police storm the family residence in just minutes. Keith BryanHer husband, was shot and then rushed into a hospital. WhileThe police initially believed it was an intruder. Becky’s behavior and a troubled married life brought the focus to her. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Murder Calls: Torched Heart’ dives into Keith’s case and how the killer was brought to justice. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Keith Bryan Die?

Keith Edward BryanIn November1958 Dallas, Texas. AfterAfter spending his childhood there he moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. KeithWorked at the Nichols Hills Fire DepartmentIn OklahomaFor more than three decades. HeHe worked his way up through the ranks to become the Fire ChiefAt the time of the incident. The52-year old had been married to BeckyFor 33 years, he also owned a construction company.

Where is Becky Bryan Now? Update
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At around 10 PM on September 20, 2011, BeckyCall 911 to report that her husband had been killed. TheAuthorities arrived to search KeithWith a gunshot wound to one side of the head. Hesat on the couch at their house in Mustang, OklahomaHe was taken to the hospital, but later died. TheThe.380 caliber was used to murder a man. RugerThis was later discovered in the residence. While BeckyIt was claimed that it was an intruder. The authorities would soon begin to question her version.

Who Killed Keith Bryan?

BeckyInitial reports to police stated that a man in mid-twenties with a hoodie and wearing a hoodie had entered the house through the garage. AccordingThe intruder shot at her. KeithShe then apologized and said that her husband should have hired them. BeckyHe claimed that he saw him leave the garage and run in a small dark truck. HoweverPolice found a gun inside the dryer, along with a shell case, a latex glove and a blanket that had holes, after conducting a search of this residence.

Where is Becky Bryan Now? Update

FurthermoreAs part of the investigation, authorities discovered of Becky’s affair with Mark Holbrook. TheTwo of them had met at a real-estate class in 2009 and soon became friends. MarkHe was also married and later, he testified that he and his wife decided to end their relationships. HoweverAfter spending a weekend together, they were reunited. January 2010, MarkThat was my realization BeckyIt was manipulative.

MarkThen, you decided to end it all BeckyHe had already filed for divorce at that point. KeithSo called MarkThey had a lengthy discussion about the affair shortly afterward; they eventually decided to reconcile with each other. However, BeckyKeep showing up at Mark’s house. HerBehavior that leads to Keith’s murder was also a focal point of the investigation. AccordingRefer a friend BeckyShe told her that she had cheated on her KeithShe was in his place just four days before he died. TexasFor a wedding where she met a guy in a bar.

BeckyAttended a conference at work. Tulsa, Oklahoma, one day prior to the shooting. ThereShe sent naked photographs of herself to at minimum two men. OnShe made it back home. September 20, BeckyHad sex on a date with a man named Wes Huber. AfterReturn to her MustangShe returned home around 7:15 PM. MarkA voicemail was left stating that she loved him and would soon be inheriting a large sum of money. She also hoped to get closer to him. LovedOnes also testified she boasted about sleeping together with other men and showed them photos of. Wes’ penis while on their way to the hospital after the shooting.

Where is Becky Bryan Now?

Where is Becky Bryan Now? Update

TheProsecution believed Becky’s claim of an intruder was untrue. TheThe murder weapon was found in the dryer and was confirmed to be the gun. Becky’s through matching serial numbers on the weapon and a gun box under her mattress. ThePolice believe she wrapped a blanket over the gun and shot Keith. FurthermoreHer DNA was found on the latex glove. In May2013, then 54 BeckyShe was convicted of murdering her husband. In JulyIn the same year, she was sentenced for life without parole. RecordsPlease indicate BeckyIs still in prison at the Mabel Bassett Correctional CenterMcLoud Oklahoma.

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