Where is Ben Crump’s Bodyguard Today? Update

Netflix’s ‘Civil: Ben Crump’ isThis documentary really opens our eyes to the harsh realities of violence, fear, and greed. However, if we’re being honest, the one individual who caught our attention the most throughout was Silky SlimA former gang member, he became a bodyguard/investigative for the renowned titular attorney. So now, if you wish to know more about him —  the unfamiliar yet honest male Ben genuinely considers a part of his family; his brother — we’ve got all the details for you.

Who is Silky Slim?

Bornand was raised as Arthur ReedIn a not-so-pleasant area near the Louisiana State UniversityIn the capital city of Baton Rouge, Silky SlimHe reportedly has never had an easy time in his life. HeHe learned to be tough young, which unfortunately led to him committing violent crimes and starting to use drugs at the age 12. This quickly escalated to much more. InIn fact, his online biography states that he was convicted in two counts of attempted second degree murder at 14 years old. He then served a sentence at juvenile prison before joining gangs.

ArthurWho was the one who got the nickname? Silky Slimin the streets, actually cofounded the violent 4 Down Southside Wrecking CrewsLater, he joined the infamous Rolling 30s Cripps gang in California. HeHe spent the next 20+ year in and out correctional facilities in both States, but his crimes and drug use seemed to have been weighing heavily on him. isHe tried suicide three times. HisThe detailed biography further clarifies that he had a profound change of heart in 2003, following a tragic car accident in which he was one of the few survivors.

Where is Silky Slim Now?

“With my arrest record and all the things I’ve been through in life,” Silky Slim Netflix original documentary, “I couldn’t even get a job at a sanitation plant. Once Ben [Crump]I was a savior figure to me when my boss hired me. It lifted me up when somebody believed in me.” HeHe kept his street-name as a reminder, had a brief stint as a hip hop artist (with two albums total), and then moved on because his goal was to inspire change long term. InIn other words, you can also work as a bodyguard and a civil investigator. BenHe has become a public figure, motivational speaker, activist, entrepreneur, and a motivator.

Silky isThe Founder Vice PresidentYou can find the Baton Rouge-based Stop The KillingNon-profit organization which aims at preventing senseless violence within different communities. InIn fact, he offers counseling sessions for troubled teens and young offenders. He also leads by example to show that there is more to life. is possible. FromPublication of newsletters, coordination of local rallies, and appearances on public channels to spread his message Stop The Killingmessage to civil rights activists to serve on the BoardThis is Advisors360Wise MediaHe does it all. SilkyHe seems proud of his current position, which is a fair thing.

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