Where is Brenda Groene’s Daughter Today? Update

OneNight in May2005: An intruder broke into Brenda Groene’s home and wreaked havoc. The authorities later discovered BrendaHer son and her boyfriend were brutally murdered. AlsoIt was concerning to learn that her two young children were also at home. Shasta DylanThey were missing. ButNearly fifty days later, ShastaShe was found alive after having suffered a horrible few weeks with her captor. Joseph Duncan. Investigation Discovery’s ‘People Magazine Investigates: Groene Family Massacre’ focuses on this very case and features an interview with ShastaShe recounted her ordeal. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Who is Shasta Groene?

ThePolice found three bodies in a house close to the scene. Coeur d’Alene, IdahoOn May 16, 2005. WhileThey also realized that the scene was being processed by a 9-year old Dylanand an 8-year old ShastaThere was no evidence of it. ThatSearch ended on July2, 2005, ShastaI walked into a restaurant in Coeur d’AleneWith her captor. ThereA waitress saw the little girl in the news and called her manager.

WhileThe waitress remained. ShastaThe man was busy so the manager called 911. The authorities arrived. WhileThe man Joseph Duncan, was taken into custody ShastaHe was taken to the hospital immediately for treatment. LaterShe told police everything she knew, beginning with being woken by her mother calling her during the early hours of the morning. May 16. Shesaw BrendaHer brother, Slade, and her mother’s boyfriend, Mark, bound and on floor in living room

JosephHe was dressed in all black, with a mask, and carried a shotgun. Hebound Shasta DylanYou can then leave them outside the house on top. SheRemember to hear MarkYou can yell or even saw. SladeOutside, his head was bleeding. Then, JosephHe drove the two children in his car to a national park. Montana, where they were kept at a remote campsite. Shasta later testified, “He said that there are rules, and he wanted us to call him ‘Daddy’ and that if we tried to run away he would shoot us.”

ShastaShe said that she DylanThey were beaten and molested. JosephThey had also been threatened with death numerous times. ThisWith Dylan. ShastaNoting that she heard something explode the first time, she later saw it again. DylanHe was left with a shotgun injury to his stomach. Then, JosephShot the kid in the forehead while telling ShastaIt was an accident. TheThe killer finally agreed to take Shasta home, and she added, “HeHe said that I taught him to love. HeHe thought he had to kidnap and kill us. But, after all, he realized it was a sickness telling him to. … HeThought God was telling him to do it.”

JosephTelled ShastaAbout how he planned on kidnapping children and then saw her with her brother outside their house. HeShe also mentioned his past crimes to her; in fact, he had confessed to having killed a 10-year-old boy. CaliforniaIn 1997, there were two young girls. Washington1996 ShastaIt was also mentioned that Joseph wanted to watch a ‘Star Wars’ film with her before leaving her at a police station. ButHe was eventually arrested at the diner.

Where is Shasta Groene Today?

While ShastaShe was safe and returned home. However, she struggled to adjust to her new life. In 2015, she said, “I couldn’t really live my life or go out without someone recognizing me. Everywhere I went, it was ‘Oh, there’s Shasta Groene,’ as if I were famous, and I didn’t like that. I was like, ‘I’m a normal girl; treat me like a normal girl.’” ShastaFor a time, she blamed herself for the events that occurred, and her childhood was never the exact same.

Where is Brenda Groene's Daughter Today? Update

After that, ShastaI fell into a downward spiral and started to drink and use drugs. In February2014, she was sentenced for 12 months in juvenile detention center because of a drug-related crime. In 2018, ShastaAgain, I was in trouble with the law and pled guilty two misdemeanors. DespiteIt seems like she is turning her life around after these difficulties. After Joseph died in 2021, she expressed relief saying, “TodayI woke up feeling like my soul had finally been freed. I wish other people were affected. Joseph Duncan were able to wake up feeling the same way.”

Shasta married her longtime partner, Michael, 2018 and moved to Boise, Idaho, where she currently resides. She isThe proud mother to four sons and a fifth. Now in her 20s, ShastaShe is very busy with her children and as a housekeeper at a local hospital. She has been open about her life and sharing her story, adding, “You’re not your past. EveryDay is a new chapter.”

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