Where is Buddy McCutcheon’s Family Today? Update

NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The DayThe Music Died’ focuses on the tragic death of cosmetic surgeon Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon. OneNight in July2016: The 64-year-old died from a gunshot injury while at home in his home. Buncombe County, North Carolina. TheA sudden turn of events has left Buddy’s family devastated and searching for answers. His brother, Richard “Clutch” McCutcheon, and his wife, RebekahThey were interviewed by the show and shared their thoughts on how they dealt with everything after learning of Buddy’s death. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know!

Who Are Clutch Bekah McCutcheon?

Frank BetteMcCutcheon was the father of four sons and one daughter. Buddy, Clutch, John, Marc, Missy. BuddyAccording to ClutchThe family leader. HeHis brother was described as a wonderful man who loved to live. AtThe incident occurred at the following time: July 2016, BuddyHe was running his practice in Asheville, North Carolina. ClutchLater, it was clarified that BuddyHad hoped to retire and move to ArkansasTo be closer to the family in times of tragedy.

Where is Buddy McCutcheon's Family Today? Update
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BuddyHis wife shot him to death. BrendaAt their home July 16, 2016. HeHe was asleep on the couch in his living room when he was shot in the head. TheAuthorities finally settled on BrendaBecause of extensive circumstantial evidence that pointed in her direction, they chose her as their suspect. She had been managing the practice’s accounts, and in the days before Buddy’s murder, the DepartmentOf RevenueHad been investigating the firm for embezzlement. BrendaShe was charged with paying taxes. However, the prosecution claims that she did not pay.

FurthermoreAccording to the investigators, BrendaA shredding company was contacted to remove approximately 40 boxes of documents from a storage unit. TheIn the end, she was found guilty by the prosecution of killing her husband. BuddyShe was taken into custody. Clutch BekahThe murder cold-blooded. ClutchWho knew? BrendaFor more than 30 years, he had known her as a wonderful person for many years. He was shocked to learn of her arrest. AtIt is now, ClutchThey thought they were happy together, but an investigation revealed otherwise. BuddyHad been unfaithful.

Where Are Clutch Bekah McCutcheon Now?

At Brenda’s trial, Clutch BekahWitnesses testified about the emotional toll Buddy’s death had on the family. Clutch stated that it was a “dark place,” adding that it was tragic and terrible. BekahAccording to her, her husband locked herself in a bedroom for weeks and didn’t know how to deal with his grief. InThe end. BrendaHe was found guilty and sentenced to prison. This brought closure to the family.

Where is Buddy McCutcheon's Family Today? Update
Image Credit: Dateline NBC

Clutch BekahMarried in September2017 more than a year later Buddy’s death. TheTwo lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. TheyBoth are parents to children from past relationships. ClutchA few years before, she lost her son. TodayHe works as a pilot at an aviation company. In the past, he flew for the Arkansas National Guard, US Marine CorpsFedEx. Clutch BekahNow, they seem to enjoy quality time with their families, including grandchildren.

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