Where is Bump Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy the duo Claudia KarvanAnd Kelsey Munro, The CW’s ‘Bump’ isAn AustralianComedy-drama series that centers on a surprising pregnancy which complicates the lives of two families. TheThe story continues Olya 17-year old girl who is ambitious and diligent, who has her life sorted. However, her life isWhen she discovers she is pregnant, she flips the script. is pregnant. AtFirst, because of the shock and unpredictability of the situation OlyRejects the baby and decides to leave it alone. After all, if she doesn’t acknowledge her child, she doesn’t have to come to terms with the fact that her life isIt has been completely redesigned.

But soon, OlyAccepting her fate, she takes the baby to school with her and becomes closer to her father. ApartThe show’s unique premise and inclusion of certain themes, such teenage pregnancy, as well as the comedy elements, keep viewers interested through each episode. MoreoverThe school’s backdrop makes you wonder if this series is actually being made. isShot in an actual school or not. WellWe are happy to answer any questions you may have about the locations or to satisfy your curiosity.

Bump Filming Locations

‘Bump’ isFilmed entirely in AustraliaEspecially across Sydney. ThePrincipal photography for the inaugural edition of the AustralianIt seems that series began in late 2012. August2020, while the second round started around July 2021. SinceThe production was set during the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety and health measures were in place to ensure the safety of all cast members and crew members. Now, let’s traverse the specific locations that appear in the comedy-drama series!

Sydney, Australia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Bump’ are lensed in SydneyThe capital city of the Australianstate of New South WalesThe largest and most populous city in Australia. ForThe production team transformed the first season. Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campusat Taylor StreetIn GlebeTo make it stand in as the fictional Jubilee High. AsIt was taped in and around the christening scene from the first season. St. Brigid Catholic Church392 Marrickville RoadIn Marrickville.

The castAnd crew members of ‘Bump’ also set up camp in a couple of other locations, including Newtown and EnfieldFor some of the most important scenes in season 1, visit: DueDue to COVID-19’s restrictions, the filming unit had the task of transforming another school into a double-sized school. Jubilee HighThe second season. TheyThe decision was made Inaburra SchoolOn Billa RoadIn BangorThe replacement for the Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay CampusBoth share a similar architecture and it’s why they work together. isIt is difficult to notice any differences.

SydneySome of the most popular tourist destinations include the Sydney Harbour BridgeThe Sydney Opera HouseThe State LibraryThis is New South WalesThe Australian Museum, and Sydney TowerTo name a few, BesidesThe capital city is also a key location for many types of filming projects. SomeThese are some of the most notable movies TVShows that were taped in Sydney are ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ ‘The Matrix,’ ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,’ and ‘Mr. Inbetween.’

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