Where is Candy’s Ex-Husband Today? Update

FridayThe 13th isConsidered unlucky almost everywhere in the country, it went well beyond mere superstitions and eerie emotions. Betty GoreReverse June1980, as viewed on Hulu’s crime drama series ‘Candy.’ After all, that’s the day Candace “Candy” MontgomeryA 3-foot-long ax was used on the married mother of two to beat her 41 times before she succumbed to her injuries in the utility room of her home. But for now, if you just wish to learn more about the man who genuinely stood by the accused during her public trial — Candy’s husband, Pat Montgomery — we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Pat Montgomery?

With then-secretary Candy Wheeler having a distinct charm by way of not only her beauty but also her sociability, it’s easy to see why accomplished electrical engineer Pat MontgomeryHe wanted her all to him. TheyAccording to reports, they were a love match from the beginning. isWhy they were able to marry despite their young age in the early 1970s. Later, they welcomed two adorable children into their lives. YetIt was 1977, many years later that it became official. Candy PatRelocated to Collin County, TexasTo start establishing their suburban dream lives, CandyShe was a full-time housewife.

Where is Candy's Ex-Husband Today? Update
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PatHis compensation was said to have been comparable to his hard work. He was considered one of his brightest colleagues back then. MontgomerysTo put it mildly, live comfortably Asper Texas Monthly, Pat earned $70,000 a year ($332,100 in 2022) “from his work on sophisticated military radar systems at Texas Instruments,” but it still wasn’t enough to keep his “bored” wife satisfied.

Therefore, CandyA purely physical affair was sought after Allan GoreThis allegedly led to his marriage. Betty’s horrific 1980 death. Yet, PatContinued support CandyNo matter what happened, they were always there for each other. InIn fact, their church stood right beside them. This was a touching aspect. PatThis is especially because the evidence against it is overwhelming. CandyDuring her jury trial, was being routinely leaked to the media.

Where is Pat Montgomery Now?

When CandyWhile she was facing the murder charge against herself in court in 1980, her husband was there every day. PatShe was even heard screaming from 30 yards away as she was being shown the ax in the witness room during her testimony. However, in the end, following a not guilty verdict, the couple was “whisked out of the Collin County courthouse under heavy guard” as the DA had “received a letter threatening her (Candy’s) life.”

Where is Candy's Ex-Husband Today? Update

Pat seemingly didn’t mind that his wife had not just cheated but also initially lied to him about the entire ordeal because once everything was over, the MontgomerysRelocated to Georgia together. They undeniably needed to start afresh in a new region owing to the publicity they’d obtained in Texas, so that’s precisely what they did.

HoweverIt appears that the couple has since separated. PatHe now prefers to keep his distance from the public eye in an effort to live a relatively normal life. SomeAccording to reports, he even goes by the name of “The Man” in his 70s. JamesThese are the days. FurthermoreIt has been reported, CandyNow, she goes by her maiden title. Candace Wheeler.

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