Where is Carlton Addison’s Wife Today? Update

When Fatimah LedayGet married Carlton AddisonPeople who knew the couple at the beginning 2005 had no idea what was to follow. AboutA year later, 2006, a domestic disturbance call brought police to their home. Authorities found that FatimahHe had been stabbed CarltonIn both his arms. Investigation Discovery’s ‘WivesWith Knives: ArmyThis is Lovers’ chronicles the terrifying incident and reveals what happened to FatimahThe aftermath. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out where Fatimah isAt the moment, shall we?

Who Is Fatimah Leday?

A resident of Tampa, Florida, Fatimah LedayAspired to be a successful athlete in track and field. AlthoughShe worked hard to achieve it, but fate had other plans. FatimahSoon, she discovered that she was pregnant by the baby of a man who was living in their home. Unfortunately, FatimahShe couldn’t be with her child’s father, but she refused and became a responsible single mom. HoweverThe responsibility of supporting her family became more pressing, so the young mother joined the army.

InterestinglyDuring the first months of your new job, FatimahShe joined the army and met JonathanHe was a great friend and he was a great person to have a good relationship with. TheThey seemed to be in love and their close friends believed they would endure the test of times. UnfortunatelyAs fate would have it, the relationship ended in failure. FatimahAnd JonathanThe two of them fell apart.

NeverthelessImmediately after, FatimahMet and fell for another soldier, who went under the name of Carlton Addison. CarltonAnd Fatimah’s relationship did not take long to blossom, and soon they were dreaming of a future together. OnceThey both returned to the United States, CarltonEven asked for Fatimah’s hand in marriage, although she was not sure about tying the knot right then. StillSoon after, she found out she was pregnant for the second consecutive time. In early 2015, the couple exchanged vows in private courthouse ceremonies. UnfortunatelyHowever, fate intervened once more. Carltonwas deployed in IraqBefore FatimahCould give birth to her baby.

HoweverWith two children on her shoulders, she knew that she would not be able to join the army. ThusTo make ends meet FatimahShe worked at a nightclub where she exhibited her talents and was paid a nominal amount. ForMonths, the TampaNative kept her profession secret from her husband, but she did reveal it to him once. Calton returned, he was unhappy with his wife’s activities. ThisA clash of ideals led to a huge altercation. The show mentioned that CarltonHe tried to force his wife from the life he was leading. HoweverControlling was not a good idea. FatimahOn a morning in, January2006: She became enraged and attacked her husband using a knife.

Where Is Fatimah Leday Now?

When Fatimah attacked CarltonHe was in the shower when he saw her with a knife and she managed to stab him several times in the arms. HoweverHe quickly fled and locked himself in the car. Then he called the police. Although FatimahWas arrested CarltonInstead of pressing charges, they made preparations for divorce. Yet, FatimahShe pleaded guilty and was given a four year probated sentence in 2006.

Where is Carlton Addison's Wife Today? Update
Carlton Addison

FatimahCurrently, the location is FloridaShe is an aesthetician in the city of. AlthoughShe and CarltonDivorced, they share custody and are co-parents. InterestinglyAfter she and CarltonWe parted ways JonathanAdded to the list Fatimah’s life, and the two now live together, along with the army veteran’s first child.

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