Where is Catherine Shelton’s Ex-Employee Today? Update

As the title suggests, ’48 Hours: Chasing Catherine Shelton’ isAn episode that dives deep into the story of the controversial former TexasAn attorney who let the pain follow her wherever she went. WhetherIt could have been her ex-partners, or friends she was once close with. Nearly everyone she allegedly had problems with got hurt under extremely mysterious circumstances at one time or another. AmongstThey were none other than Catherine’s past employee Marisa Hierro — so now, if you wish to learn more about her experiences as well as her current standing, here’s what we know.

Who is Marisa Hierro?

ItIt was back in the late 90s when Marisa HierroShe and her husband MichaelYou are voluntarily approached Catherine SheltonFor assistance in relation to the robbery accusations the latter was facing. One thing soon led to another, though, and the attorney found herself hiring a “simply indispensible” MarisaTo develop an immigration-law practice in her office August 1998. ButAfter seven months, she quit to open her own company in downtown immigration consulting. DallasThis led to a bitter feud, which included accusations of frauds, alleged threats of death, and many other things.

Where is Catherine Shelton's Ex-Employee Today? Update
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It doesn’t seem like anyone ever expected the professional dispute between the two women to go beyond, yet it did — Marisa MichaelThey were met with gunfire December 20, 1999. TheTwo masked men with guns and a petite woman gave orders to a couple as they pulled up to their driveway. MichaelBefore you turn the weapon on, put your life to the sword. Marisa. AsAccording to her own account, she was hit in the arm and upper chest as she ran away. She had to stop trying to run away so she could save her life.

That’s when MarisaShe claims she heard it Catherine’s distinct voice from behind a mask, telling her companion to continue firing; “She said, ‘Don’t be a pu**y. Do it,’ and he told her, ‘I did. I shot her.’” Only once she was sure they’d walked away did she run to a neighbor’s for help, got the necessary medical assistance, and then told the officials everything that had happened in detail. Marisa has always been confident in her allegations “because she spoke,” as per CBS. “I’ve worked with her. I’ve been in her home… I’ve had a personal relationship… I know it was her. Catherine.”

Where is Marisa Hierro Now?

Where is Catherine Shelton's Ex-Employee Today? Update
Image CreditCBS News

ItWas Catherine Shelton’s husband and not her who was eventually found guilty on the charges of murder and aggravated assault, yet Marisa HierroIn 2001, she filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against both of them. HoweverThe attorney counter-sued her and sued her for malicious prosecution and libel. MarisaFailure to appear for the trial CatherineAn amazing $5 million in damages was awarded.

ComingIt appears that she is still in her current location. MarisaHe now prefers to live a quiet life away from the public eye and the state of affairs. Texas. She still believes Catherine had a hand in her husband’s demise, as per the CBS episode, whereas the lawyer isIt is believed that MarisaThe whole thing was orchestrated by him. ButAlas! isWe don’t have any proof, so we can only assume. isThat Marisa isShe is likely to be focusing on moving forward in her life to the best of all her abilities right now.

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