Where is Convicted Rapist Today? Sins of the Amish Update

DirectedBy Daniel Sivan Mor Loushy, Peacock’s ‘Sins of the Amish’ is a docuseries that chronicles theTragic accounts of ex-AmishWomen who have experienced extreme sexual abuse in their communities. AsThese brave survivors share their stories. theUnknown realities of the PlainCommunity comes to light. One ofThese women is Audrey KauffmanShe bravely fought a long fight against her ex-husband. Mike KauffmanTo seek justice on behalf of her three daughters. Whileshe is working to create a new life for her children, let’s find out what happened with Mike!

Who is Mike Kauffman?

Lititz, Pennsylvanianative Michael Aaron Kauffman AKA MikeHe and his wife Audrey KauffmanTheir family had a perfect life. New Order Amish community. TheyHad briefly dated and had five children with her after she got married. At first, Mike’s father was a reputed minister of thechurch, but soon became the bishop ofTheir community, is considered the highest social position among the Amish. While AudreyResponsible for home-schooling the kids, MikeWorked as a roofer, and was well-respected. the community.

Where is Convicted Rapist Today? Sins of the Amish Update

However, as per AudreyTheir children were afraid, however of Mike’s temper, as he frequently punished them physically, something which she said isNormal in the Amish. WhenTheir marriage began to decline as well. AudreyShe filed for divorce after she discovered that he was allegedly cheating on her. AccordingTo theDocumentary. She was even granted a restraining orders against him to protect her children.

Audrey’s worst nightmare came true in 2019 when her eldest daughter MarlenaFearfully confided in her that MikeShe had sexually molested her numerous times over. theThe past years. JustAs Audreywas still trying to accept the shocking news about their second child. DortheaA similar account was also provided by her father regarding her abuses of her children. Moreover, the youngest daughter AngieAlso, be hesitant to share with AudreyThat MikeShe had raped her multiple time.

Where is Convicted Rapist Today? Sins of the Amish Update
Marlena Dorthea Kauffman

AudreyFurther, this was further realized theTraumatic incidents of thePast years were deeply affected by the girls. SheAdded that Marlena Dorthea began exhibiting suicidal tendencies. Horrifiedat theShe was unable to believe the terrible ordeal her daughters had endured and decided to hold her ex-husband responsible. AudreyMade a call to theReports from ChildLine Mike’s heinous actions to thePolice in Carlisle Barracks.

As the investigation commenced, Mike Audrey’s three daughters were interviewed separately. ChargingDocuments revealed that he had abused theGirls physically and sexually in eight years, between 2011-2019 in multiple locations Southampton, Shippensburg, Hopewell Township. MarlenaIt was revealed that her father had repeatedly abused her between the ages of 12 and 24. theAges of10-16, while DortheaShe stated that he molested them when they were 10 to 11 years old of age. For Angie, theAbuse began way before that, at theage of 5.

AfterCarefully consider the testimony of others AudreyHer daughters thePolice charged MikeHe sex assaulted his three daughters. November 2019. MoreMore than 30 charges were brought against him, including rape and rape ofA child, statutory sexual attack, involuntary sexual intercourse with a child, sexual assault of a child, indecent assault, indecent exposure, endangering theWelfare ofA child, corruption ofMinors, unlawful contact with minors, recklessly endangering someone else, simple assault and harassment

As MikeHe was unable to pay $250,000 bail and was taken into custody Cumberland County Prison. Meanwhile, AudreyIt was stated that Mike’s parents, as well as other members, began severely harassing her and her children by reportedly breaking into their house at night and following them around. NotJust that. Mike’s father allegedly sent AudreyTo intimidate her and force her to withdraw, write a letter the case. DeterminedTo get justice done for her daughters AudreyThe group refused to budge, and they went ahead the charges.

Where is Mike Kauffman Now?

In May 2021, Mike KauffmanThe then-40-year old accepted a plea agreement for a sentence between 5-20 years in prison and pleaded not guilty. theCharges ofstatutory sexual assault, unlawful contacts with minors, indecent assault, endangering theWelfare of children. On November23/2021, he was sentenced for 5-10 years in prison followed by a 10-year probation, according to his plea agreement.

Where is Convicted Rapist Today? Sins of the Amish Update

In addition, as per the court’s order, Mike isPermanently designated as a violent sexual predator. AccordingTo theLatest reports Mike Kauffman isCurrently in prison the SCI Forest State PenitentiaryIn Marienville, PennsylvaniaThis is a placeholder page for Judith, which will not be available until at least 2031.

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