Where is Creator of Menudo Band Today? Update

ThroughThe 1970s and the 1980s, Puerto RicanBoy band MenudoThey have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity with teenage girls as their main fan base. WhileAs part of the group, several members have sung. of MenudoIt was managed by Edgardo DiazThe band was also created by. HBO Max’s four-part docuseries ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ delves into the band’s fame in addition to multiple accusations against Edgardo ofBoys are sexually abused. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know!

Who is Edgardo Diaz?

EdgardoProducer and manager who created Menudo1977 TheFirst version ofThe group included five boys. TheGroup began recording radio ads jingles, before moving on to making records. AsFor the docuseries: EdgardoIt was first discovered by a Spanish boy band, but the members’ voices changed as they got older. ThatHis idea to create an organization that would constantly replace its members was born to him. This allowed him to keep the group’s youthful charm and appeal. Most ofThe boys were replaced after puberty.

While MenudoAlthough the band did a lot of touring in many countries during the 1980s, there were a few problems that plagued them and their management. AccordingTo the show Edgardo would ask the band members’ parents to waive their parental authority, making him the kids’ legal guardian. FurthermoreThe children were always working, recording albums and doing promotional work for them. This had a negative effect on their well being.

EdgardoEverything was meticulously organized Menudo did. FormerMembers have spoken out about how they were subject to neglect and exhaustion while in the boy band. One member, Roy AcevedoAccording to the show, at one point, Menudoremained on their own in ArgentinaFilming a TV series. ThereHe started to use cocaine and weed at the age of 14 or 15.

By 1991, Menudo’s members quit the band and talked about the physical and mental abuse they faced, accusing Edgardo ofThe same. AsTwo members were detained in the same year as the show. Miami, Florida, to carry marijuana. ThenIn May1991 brought forth further allegations, including that of Bolivar Arellano, a photojournalist who traveled with Menudo, accusing the group’s managers of abuse.

AroundAt the same moment, a friend ofOne ofThe boys admitted to having attended parties that included alcohol, sex, or drugs allegedly organized by the police. EdgardoOther. In response, Edgardo admitted to drug and sex problems in the group, adding, “Thesechildren who have had serious emotional problems. AllThe problems found in our society are also found in Menudo.” HoweverHe claimed not to be directly involved with any matter.

ButPerhaps the most disturbing allegations came from former members. Edgardo ofSexual abuse AnotherReports indicated that he had moved to MiamiFrom Puerto RicoWhen some of the boys’ parents tried to get him investigated for sexual abuse. ThereMultiple ex-MenudoMembers that have since accused him ofThe same. EvenOn the show EdgardoWas allegedly sexy with one ofThe Menudo boys.

Where is Edgardo Diaz Today?

AmidstAll these accusations are swirling around. EdgardoThey’ve always been denied. In2014, another ex-member René Farrait, said, “He knows perfectly well everything that happened there. TheseThese are serious allegations. This isIt’s not a joke. This is something very painful, embarrassing, and disgusting.” AsFor the band Menudo later became MDO but hasn’t released a studio album since 2009.

Where is Creator of Menudo Band Today? Update

FromWhat we can tell. Edgardo doesn’t seem to be connected to the band anymore. In response to the sexual abuse accusations, he said in 2014, “I am not going to spend the rest ofMy life is devoted to defending myself and responding appropriately to allegations. Life It is one, and I live in peace.” EdgardoHe has since remained out of public view and has never been charged. of the crimes he’s accused of. HeIt seems that you live in Puerto Rico and had worked as a judge on a kids’ singing competition in 2013.

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