Where is Dale Bruner Now? Update

Stephanie Roller BrunerThe young mother of her three children, ”, vanished one night without a trace. November 2010. TheAuthorities immediately suspected her husband, but it was difficult to find the evidence. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Married With Secrets: Dancing With Death’ delves into Stephanie’s brutal murder and the circumstances leading up to it. So, if you’re curious to find out what happened to the loving mother, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Stephanie Roller Bruner Die?

StephanieIn May1969 ColoradoLiving in MinnesotaAnd CaliforniaAfterwards. Shemet Dale BrunerAt a ski resort Oregon. TheSoon, they began to date and were married. Fiji. AfterResolving in Silverthorne, ColoradoThe couple had three children and it seemed like the perfect way to live. While StephanieWe reviewed the home-building plans for the county. DaleHe was a photographer.

Where is Dale Bruner Now? Update
Image CreditCBS News/Stephanie’s Family

At around 8:45 AM on November 23, 2010, DaleReports that his 41-year old wife is missing. He said he last saw her sometime between 10 and 10:30 PM the night before, when she left home after an argument. A desperate search for StephanieThe four-day wait ended when they found her dead body in the Blue RiverIn SilverthorneJust a few meters from the residence is the. Stephanie’s skull was fractured, and she had been strangled. TheAuthorities believe that she died from blunt force trauma, strangulation or hypothermia.

Who Killed Stephanie Roller Bruner?

The authorities immediately questioned DaleHe was asked why he had waited so many hours to report. Stephanie missing. According to him, she didn’t take her purse or car keys when she left and only had a light jacket on. Furthermore, Dale didn’t take part in the search for his wife, claiming that the police asked him to stay at home. AsThe police probed deeper and found that the seemingly perfect marriage was crumbling.

Where is Dale Bruner Now? Update
Image CreditCBS News/Stephanie’s Family

StephanieHad filed for divorce in November 2010. Shewas in an intense emotional affair Ron Holthaus, a physical therapist who taught dance at an area benefit. AboutSix months after the last meeting Ron, StephanieShe was not happy in her marriage. ButThe police also learned this information. Ron, who was married, wasn’t planning to leave his wife. TheDay before StephanieHe then disappeared and told her that he would remain with his wife.

SoThe investigators were questioned. Ronand his partner, but he ruled them out eventually, leaving them as their prime suspect. Dale. ThenThe police learned about his violent past behavior from him. AccordingTo Jennifer Voxakis, a friend Stephanie mentioned Dale being violent toward her during her first pregnancy. Jennifer said, “HeHad gotten angry somehow. And threw her on their bed and put his knee on her stomach, on her belly and threatened her.”

AboutSix weeks before the murder Stephaniesaw DaleShe hit her son, prompting her filing for a restraining or. DuringShe told the hearing that he threatened her years before, saying he would murder her if she didn’t leave. However, DaleIt was denied, and StephanieThe order was eventually cancelled and he was allowed to enter the house again. Then, a former girlfriend Dale’s also came forward with some information. WhenHe once pushed her and put his arms around the neck of her, threatening to kill her, while they were dating. ThisHe was accused by her of being with another women.

Where is Dale Bruner Now?

DaleHe was determined to not have anything to do. Stephanie’s murder. HeEven though a plea deal was offered with a shorter sentence, he chose to go to trial. July 2012. WhileThe defense argued that there was no physical evidence of tying DaleThe jury sided with the prosecution because of the circumstantial evidence. HeHe was convicted of second degree murder, two counts each of first-degree assault and three counts of tampering.

Where is Dale Bruner Now? Update

In September 2012, DaleAt the time, he was 50 years old and sentenced to 112 consecutive years in prison. RecordsIndicate that he remains in prison Sterling Correctional FacilityIn Logan County, Colorado. DaleIn 2045, they will be eligible to receive parole. In May2020. His lawyer stated that his client had confessed to the crime StephanieEarly on in the investigation. AccordingTo him, DaleShe admitted to strangling her, driving close to the river and throwing her in it. When she regained consciousness, she was hit with a stone.

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