Where is Debora Kelly’s Ex-Husband Today? Update

When 48-year-old Debora KellyIn her own home, she was found shot to death. October2015, it shook more than her community San AntonioBut the entire state TexasTo its core. After all, as carefully explored in NBC’s ‘Dateline: Silhouette,’ her once-trusted husband Lars Erik ItzoThe beautiful and successful family woman was the one who had to be rescued. So now, if you wish to learn more about him, particularly the details of his relationship with his wife, the full extent of his hand in the matter, and his current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

Who Is Lars Itzo?

It2012 was the year Lars ItzoFirst time I came across a business executive Debora Kelly after she hired him to work on the beautiful house she’d recently bought in a gated neighborhood. TheyHe actually started to talk with his wife every evening while he was working as a contractor. It was slow in the hope of spending more time together, but it soon became the beginning of something new. As per the episode, she “got a kick out of Lars’ laidback ways; just a guy into old-school board games [and] restoring muscle cars,” driving them to make their courtship official the following year.

Where is Debora Kelly's Ex-Husband Today? Update

HoweverTwo years later, they were still together, and it was in the early hours of the morning. October 10, 2015, it didn’t matter how in love they seemed because he ended up shooting her. LarsCalled 911 almost immediately. He admitted to firing his shotgun once, but also claimed it was because he believed someone had broken into their home. Bent Hollow home. AccordingAccording to his account he woke up suddenly to the sound he believed was burglars. He asked his wife to stay in bed and grabbed a weapon before going out to investigate.

LarsInvestigators were then informed that he knew everything. DeboraHe walked out of the hall behind him and opened fire when he saw the lights. Yet, they didn’t necessarily believe in this still-in-bed-with-him narrative, and since his actions were reckless, considering she was the only other person at home, they arrested him within days. He was charged with one count each of murder and manslaughter, especially because his wife’s autopsy revealed that she’d been shot at from close range — three or four feet.

Where is Lars Itzo Now?

OnceThe legal proceedings began while Lars maintained that his wife’s death was purely accidental, the authorities proclaimed their suspicions of his motive being jealousy. SheWas the Vice PresidentThis is National Surgical Healthcare with a seven-figure net worth, whereas he was a contractor making a living from daily manual labor, which could’ve sparked some resentment. As if that’s not enough, a detective later claimed Lars’ grief seemed forced, leading the jury to find him guilty of second-degree felony manslaughter after five hours of deliberation.

Where is Debora Kelly's Ex-Husband Today? Update

Since Lars ItzoAfter a week-long trial, he was found not guilty of the murder charge. December2016: He was only fined $10,000 and sentenced to a 15-year term (with the possibility of parole) Therefore, today, at the age of 54, he’sIncarcerated at the medium to low-security Terrell Correctional Facility in Rosharon, Brazoria County, Texas. AccordingTo the State’s DepartmentThis is Corrections RecordsHis projected release date is December14, 2031, but he will be eligible to parole on June 15, 2024.

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