Where is Devils Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

BasedThe 2014 eponymous novel is by Guido Maria Brera, The CW’s ‘Devils’ (originally titled ‘Diavoli’) isThe team of created a series about financial dramas. Alessandro Sermoneta, Mario Ruggeri, Elena Bucaccio, Guido Maria Brera, Daniele Cesarano, Barbara Petronio, Ezio Abbate. TheThe story revolves around a competent character ItalianNamed trader Massimo RuggeroWho works at the New York London Investment Bank(NYL) HeadThis is Trading. EvenDespite the fact that there are isAll of it is currently in financial crisis EuropeHe isHe is still able to make hundreds and millions for his company.

Massimo isThe favorite candidate to be the vice-CEO at the bank is AmericanNYL CEO Dominic MorganHe is supported by his entire family. HoweverWhen? MassimoGets involved in a scandal DominicChooses Edward Stuartas the vice-CEO. ConvincedThe scandal was a ruse, and things get worse. EdwardSudden death and MassimoRealizes that it is an evil plot isat work. While the thrilling narrative keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, the interesting use of different locations makes one wonder about the actual filming sites of ‘Devils.’ WellIf you are one of these curious souls, let us put your curiosities into bed!

Devils Filming Locations

‘Devils’ isFilmed in ItalyAnd EnglandSpecifically, in RomeThe ProvinceThis is Salerno, London, Kent. ThePrincipal photography began in 2008 for the first iteration. September2018 wrapped up February 2019. AsThe filming of the second round began in late 2012. March2021 and concluded in JulyThe same year. AlthoughMost of the story can be found here is set in LondonA major part of it is isFilmed in Rome. InParticularly, exterior shots are mostly shot in. LondonInteriors and the exteriors Rome. Now, without further ado, let’s learn all about the specific locations that appear in the financial drama!

Rome, Italy

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Devils’ are lensed in and around RomeThe capital city of Italy. Nouveau Centre des Congrès de Rome (La Nuvola) located on Viale Asia, 40 /44 isDouble the size London’s Canary WharfThe series. ForFilming the scenes involving Headquarters SubterraneaAccording to reports, the production team used an abandoned church, an archeological site, and a disused building. Rome City Center flat. InSeason 2: Cast and crew also set up camp Palazzo dellA Civiltà Italiana (aka Colosseo Quadrato) on Quadrato della ConcordiaIn Rome.

As, Rita TerenziThe set decorator of the series,, stated that the Londonoffice of the New York-London Investment Bank (NYL) isOne of the protagonists in the story. TheThe interiors of this office were entirely constructed in the studios. She further explained, “TheThe floor furnishings and the scenic design were created in a realistic manner. The workstations are designed to look like a war room. Cool furnishings and materials, several mirrors to allow the director to have sophisticated yet realistic and sober photography, without any glamourous excess.”

InAn early start October2020 interview with TV Insider, Patrick Dempsey was asked about the difference he felt while working on ‘DevilsComparable to other countries American series. He said, “TheHours were much more enjoyable. They’re very civilized. WeWorked a 10-hour workday, not a 15- to 16-hour workday. WithThat was because there was more intensity and we were able to accomplish a lot in a shorter time. This way of working was great. AndI was in Rome! It was a wonderful city to explore at night. There’s so much history. As a life experience for me, it was important.”

ProvinceThis is Salerno, Italy

A few portionsThis is ‘Devils’ are also taped in the Province of SalernoThe address is CampaniaRegion of Italy. InIn particular, the production team set camp up in Positano, a commune and village located on the Amalfi CoastTo film some scenes for the series.

London, England

AdditionalParts of the financial thriller series can be seen in lensed LondonAlso, there is a lot of the story here is based. Canary Wharf Underground StationLocated in Travelcard Zone2 in Canary WharfIt is a major filming location for the series. AsAs mentioned, the filming unit was moved across the country. London to tape all the necessary exterior shots for ‘Devils.’

Kent, England

For taping some important scenes, the production team of ‘Devils’ even traveled to KentA county in South East EnglandBordering Greater LondonTo the north-west ToTo be precise, a dialogue scene was recorded on the clifftop in Kingsgate BayIn Broadstairs. LocatedOn the IsleThis is Thanet in the Thanet district, Broadstairs isA coastal town is where you can find the following: isOne of Thanet’s seaside resorts.

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