Where is Eirik Jensen’s Ex-Wife Today? Update

AsA docuseries that tells the story of Eirik JensenOnce-prominent NorwegianPolice officer convicted of criminal conduct Netflix’s ‘Mr. Good: CopOr Crook?’ isIt is as captivating as it sounds is complex. AfterAll things considered, he was once considered to be the best in his field. However, his 2014 arrest for gross corruption and drug trafficking as well as criminal possession of weapons changed everything. So now that we know even his ex-wife — Cecilie Blegeberg — has quite a strong opinion on both him as well as the entire matter, let’s find out more about her personal experiences, shall we?

Who is Cecilie Blegeberg?

ItIt was back in 1980s when Cecilie BlegebergFirst time I came across an officer of the then-undercover taskforce Eirik JensenWhile serving at the now-closed iconic OsloNightclub Smuget. Since the owners wanted the establishment narcotic-free, she was handed the responsibility of reaching out to law enforcers to see if they’d be interested in becoming frequent patrons. “My bosses and I thought that if the police often came to the nightclub, the crooks wouldn’t want to be there,” she said in the Netflix original. “And it really worked,” only for it to later spark her relationship with Eirik.

“[Eirik] was shy,” Cecilie still remembers. “InIn private, he was shy. HeHe stood there with his thumbs in jeans and kicked the floor stoically, looking down. ButI saw that he was in a relationship with me. Hehad flirty eyes. I felt safe. It was a bit dangerous to work in a club where there could be guests who got angry when they weren’t let in and so on. But I always thought, ‘I have EirikThe policeman. HeI can be protected from any harm. It’s not dangerous’.” HoweverShe also recalls a more primal, but still respectful, side to him.

Cecilie said that her partner “always wanted to be right. He wanted to ‘pound his chest’ a little, as he would say, when he was the best, and he always was. And later on, he followed his own rules because he apparently hung out with people who weren’t on the right side of the law. I felt that he was more interested in the subject. [gang scene as an aquaintance].” InHis arrest nearly a decade after their divorce (reportedly in 2003) is now a matter of hindsight Cecilie completely understands that the way he intertwined his personal and professional daily life simply wasn’t right.

Where is Cecilie Blegeberg Now?

AsThe years have passed. Cecilie BlegebergThe docuseries reveals that she believes her ex-husband made use of her position, with the view that nobody could ever touch his body. SheThat is what he truly believes EirikAssisting him was a cop whose main job was to protect society. Gjermund Cappelen to bring drugs into it in greed for easy money. This is a major reason. is her former partner’s statement in court describing a transaction between the duo being loan repayment. “I just laughed,” Cecilie admitted. “WhyWould GjermundYou can borrow money from Eirik Jensen? He had loads… he would’ve never needed to borrow.”

Where is Eirik Jensen's Ex-Wife Today? Update

ComingIt seems as if she is currently in her current location. CecilieA villa in the charming town of Uddevalla in Västra Götaland County, SwedenAt the moment. FromWe can tell that she isShe was in her mid-60s to her late 60s, and has tried her best to move forward from the past, especially with the knowledge that ErikEven invited the drug ringleader GjermundTo live with them for a time in the 1990s.

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