Where is Elizabeth Reiser’s Friend Today? Update

Brandi Hicks had no idea that a trip to a local video store on a school night would put her at death’s door claim her friend’s life. Brandi and Elizabeth ReiserWe were looking forward to a fun night when a man kidnapped us at gunpoint and then murdered. ElizabethIn cold blood. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dead Silent: Strange Passenger’ takes the viewer through Elizabeth’s murder and shows how BrandiShe was able to keep her mind sharp and evaded death. Let’s look at the case in detail and find out where Brandi Hicks isAt the moment, shall we?

Who Is Brandi Hicks?

A resident of New PhiladelphiaIn Ohio, Brandi HicksAt the time, he was just days away from high-school graduation. Shewas close friends with Elizabeth ReiserAfter a hard school year, both girls were eager for a long summer vacation. BesidesThey had high hopes for the future and could not wait get out of school to face the outside world. On May24, 2000: The friends decided to rent a few films and have a good time.

Where is Elizabeth Reiser's Friend Today? Update

ThusThey made it down to the video store even though it was a school night. OnceA stranger approached them at the store. Matthew VacaHe claimed that he could not get home because he was unable to find a way. HeWhen they were hesitant, he asked the girls to give him $20. UnwillingTo not help someone in need, the friends agreed to drop off the stranger in their car. However, once in the car, the man’s behavior completely altered, he began changing his directions every second.

Elizabeth and BrandiSoon, he became suspicious and stopped the vehicle to ask the man to get out. HoweverThings suddenly turned serious when the man pulled out a gun and coerced BrandiTo move forward OnceThe attacker stopped the attacker as the group reached an isolated area. BrandiBefore you drag, make sure to turn the steering wheel Elizabeth out. TiedYou are helpless BrandiShe could only watch horror as her friend was stabbed multiple times, before she slit her throat and let her bleed to the ground.

UponReturning to the vehicle, the murderer took control of steering wheel and drove BrandiTo the railroad track above Tuscarawas River. ThereThe stranger attempted to abuse the teenager by pushing the teenager into an abandoned train car. HoweverThe man became angry at not being able to do so and started choking BrandiWear your sneaker lace with confidence The attack almost made BrandiShe lost consciousness but realized she needed to be dead to survive. OnceThe teenager made her limp and the man concluded that he had killed his second victim. He then threw the towel. Brandi’s body down into the river below. All throughout, BrandiShe did her best to not move a muscle, but she only managed to escape when the coast was clear.

Where Is Brandi Hicks Now?

AfterEscape from the murderer BrandiShe made her way to the hospital and got in touch with police shortly afterwards. SheInformed them about the horrific incident and gave cops a detailed description. SurprisinglyThe police received a significant lead at the same time. Jeff MulinixHe claimed that his brother-in law, Matthew Vaca, had confessed that he had been a murderer Brandi. ThusThe police were able arrest the suspects by relying on witness statements. MatthewBefore he is charged with murder.

Where is Elizabeth Reiser's Friend Today? Update

BrandiIt was brave of him to stand up against the injustice. Matthew VacaIn his trial, she narrated all of the incident. HerTestimony proved to be very valuable. MatthewPled guilty to multiple charges including aggravated murder, rape. AsHe was sentenced to life imprisonment and some additional terms for other charges. Since then, BrandiShe preferred to be quiet and keep her life private. HoweverThe show mentioned that BrandiHer hometown of still holds her. New PhiladelphiaShe lives in, and runs a photography company. She isAlso happily married, and proud mother of three.

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