Where Is Eugene Baylis Now? Update

OnOne fateful night in 1993 Colorado Springs, ColoradoAuthorities responded to an active shooter situation in a bar. It ended with two deaths and several other injuries. InThe first episode Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: 90’s Case Files,’ the viewers learn about how Paul Klein Steven FairfaxYou were caught in the crosshairs by a shooter who would not stop firing. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Paul Klein Steven Fairfax Die?

BornIn November 1952,  40-year-old Paul “PK” KleinThe manager of Jim & I’s Star BarIn Colorado SpringsIn addition to being a full time member of SonsThis is Silence, a motorcycle gang. TheBar where he worked was a well-known hangout spot among bikers at that time. AsThe show revealed that 33-year olds were present Steven FairfaxHe was a high school graduate and went to university. He was reportedly a potential member of the SonsThis is Silence.

At around 8:50 PM on April 17, 1993, the authorities rushed to PK’s bar after hearing reports of a shootout. TheyWe were able to stop shooting, but it was too late. StevenPK was also injured in the accident, and he died. TheFormer was found outside of the bar and was shot in his neck, torso and arm. OnOn the other hand, PK was also wounded and eventually died from his injuries after being shot multiple times. WhileAlthough the authorities knew who fired it, they still needed to know why.

Who Killed Paul Klein Steven Fairfax?

AccordingInitial witness statements to the show revealed that the shooting began inside the bar, then moved outside to the parking lot of nearby restaurants. AtThe scene was cleared by authorities who recovered AK-47 rounds, 9mm shell cases and.380-caliber shell shell casings. This makes it clear that multiple guns were fired. The bartender mentioned that the patrons were celebrating someone’s birthday party when a man walked in with an AK-47 and began firing; during the commotion, PK was shot.

TheThe authorities discovered that the man holding the AK-47 was actually the man who was being arrested. Eugene Baylis. Per the show, he didn’t comply with the officers’ demands to put his gun down. AsA policeman was shot as a result Eugenein the head and was later taken to a hospital. WhenThe investigators spoke to him and he said that it all began after a biker shot him with a pellet gun. AccordingTo EugeneHe was in his vehicle when a biker approached and shot a weapon at him.

Since EugeneHe knew that the bar was a favorite hangout spot for bikers, so he returned home and picked up the AK-47 before walking into the bar. TheShow states that he claimed the others at the bar jumped on him and fought over the gun. AsHe was about to leave when he noticed others outside starting firing at him. This led to the shootout. HoweverWitnesses at the scene spoke out about a different version.

TheWitnesses shared that EugeneHe entered the bar and started firing the AK-47. This led to some people running away while others tried to subdue him. WhenThey took the rifle and he pulled out a gun to fire at PK before he took the AK-47 back. TheThe shooting continued outside. StevenUpon arrival, they were already at the bar. AccordingHe tried to talk to him on the show. EugeneBut he was shot three times, resulting in his immediate death.

How Did Eugene Baylis Die?

TheShow states that authorities also learned that EugeneIt was a Vietnam War veteran who lived in a bunker on his parents’ property. At the time, he was divorced and didn’t have custody of the children. EugeneHe was well-known for having a large collection of weapons. His ex-wife stated that his anger and vengeance were his trademark traits. AtHis 1995 trial saw his lawyers argue self-defense. They claimed that he fired those rounds out of fear for his own life.

Where Is Eugene Baylis Now? Update

TheJury believed this version of events and was ultimately acquitted EugeneSeveral charges including murder and attempted murder. HoweverHe pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three year imprisonment. MoreoverCourt records show that 1999 was the year of the aforementioned. EugenePled guilty to providing alcohol to minors

Eugene didn’t appear on the authorities’ radar until May27, 2018, when the van was white and he was driving on the U.S. BureauThis is Land Management’s property near Bookcliffs, Colorado. ThenHe was 67 years old and opened fire on BLM agents who were approaching his van. EugeneThe agent was hit by one of the agents. Fortunately, the officer was wearing an officer’s vest and they fired at him. He died from multiple gunshot wounds.

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