Where is Ex-Deadspin Reporter Today? Update

Netflix’s ‘Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist’ chronicles the story of a prolific senior high American linebacker, Manti Malietau Louis Te’o, who fell into the traps of an online catfishing account that sent his professional career and personal life in a spiral. Manti Te’o was a rising star, having joined the prestigious institution of Notre DameA football scholarship was awarded and the next big thing is on the horizon. American football.

Manti Te’o’s already inspiring story got a HollywoodHe lost his grandmother and his long-distance girlfriend. Lennay KekuaIn a span of 24hrs, and yet saw Notre DameTo the championship match. HoweverTwo discovered a disturbing twist beneath all the glaze and glitter. Deadspin journalists — Jack DickeyAnd Tim Burke. Who is Jack DickeyWhere and when? isIs he now? Let’s find out. 

Who is Jack Dickey?

Bornand was raised in the town GuilfordIn Connecticut, Jack DickeyWas a staff writer for unpaid at Deadspin, getting paid “in sandwiches and an occasional bottle of booze” when he received an anonymous tip that alleged Manti’s dead girlfriend never existed. Therefore, JackWe decided to investigate further. WithHis colleague’s help Tim Burke, JackLet’s get cracking on one of the fastest-growing secrets Deadspin reports ever. InThe report, the duo broke that story Manti’s long-distance girlfriend, Lennay KekuaHe met a woman online named ‘Katfish In.’ This was a complex case of catfish in. January 2013.

Image Credit: Jack Dickey/Twitter

A 2009 Philips Academy graduate, JackWas just a senior student Englishat Columbia Universityat the time. Just days after JackAnd TimThe hoax scandal broke, and the men who were involved spoke out about it in an interview with Boston Magazine. Calling the whole investigation process “bizarre,” JackIt was said that the fact Manti “was somehow connected to this was only fitting. We wound up turning over rocks we never expected to turn over.”

JackFurther, the entire team was able to bring it all together. “[Deadspin editor-in-chief] Tommy CraggsAnd BurkeIt was a great help in my research FridayAfternoon, and then TimAnd I spent the whole weekend with them, and all of MondayMost importantly, TuesdayThis is how I look at the mystery of this story. [Writers] Dom CosentinoAnd Tom LeyAlso, made a lot more calls. Then CraggsAnd [managing editor] Tom ScoccaEdited the thing TuesdayNight and Wednesday morning,And then we were basically ready to go.”

The report not only brought the catfishing tale to the forefront but also involved two NFL players —Manti and Marques TuiasosopoHe was a relative to the perpetrator. Ronaiah ‘Naya’ Tuiasosopo. Manti’s reputation took a big hit, and he got picked up in the NFL second draft only, costing him “not only his dignity in some ways but millions and millions of dollars,” as stated by SportsBroadcaster Alex Flanagan.

Where is Jack Dickey Now?

In July2013. It’s been almost six months since the story that he worked on made national headlines. Jack DickeyLeft DeadspinAfter working there since 1996 January 2011. ThatIn the same year, he graduated Columbia Universitymagna cum laudes with a BachelorThis is Arts degree in English. In AugustHe was hired as the director of the 2013 Olympics, right after he graduated. Staff WriterFor Time Magazine. While there, JackOn feature profiles, I wrote Former US Representative Jason Chaffetz, statistician Nate Silver, TV personality and chef Alton Brown, PresidentCEO of Warner Bros. Discovery David ZaslavAmong other things.

AtOnly 24, JackI was offered the chance to write a cover article Taylor Swift2014 TalkingAbout Jack’s determination at New York Daily News Innovation Lab’s ‘Conversation Series,’ Edward FelsenthalNow! Editor-in-Chief and CEO at TIME, said, “FirstHe came in with the idea for week, and said that he wouldn’t write it until he had access. Taylor Swift. With the perseverance of someone of more experience than he actually has, he got to her and broke news in his cover story and wrote beautiful 2,000 word piece.”

AfterMore than three years Time Magazine, JackThe job was ended and I started working full-time. Staff Writerat Sports Illustrated. He appeared in ‘The Best American Sportswriting’ in 2014 and was awarded the Nellie Bly Cub ReporterThe 2015 Yearbook New York Press Club. He isA member of The NewsGuild of New YorkAnd Communications WorkersThis is America. Interestingly, JackTwo-time winner Jeopardy! ChampionIn 2018, you will be returning home with nearly $50,000. Jack is a longtime-Mets fan and often expresses his dissatisfaction when his favorite baseball team doesn’t yield promising results.

When asked what he’d be if not a journalist, JackSubmitted New York Guilds, “I’d be general manager of the Mets. Or a federal prosecutor. And I’d bring charges against the Mets for all the harm they’ve inflicted.” WhenHe isNot reporting JackHe enjoys cooking, watching sports and reading. He is also quite active on social media and doesn’t mince words when sharing his opinions on pop culture, politics, and everything in between. At present, JackLives on the Upper West SideThis is Manhattan, New YorkHe serves as an editor/writer at, covering culture and politics, media, and sport.


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