Where is Ex-Member of Menudo Band Today? Update

Menudo isA boy band that is constantly evolving with a changing lineup ofThe 1980s saw the rise of teenagers. OriginatingIn Puerto RicoDesigned by Edgardo DiazThe group released many albums up to 2009. HBO Max’s ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ peeks behind the curtain through interviews with former Menudo members. The revealing conversations paint a pattern ofThe boys were subject to abuse and mistreatment while they were part of the group. of Menudo. Angelo GarciaThe three-year-old member of the group also speaks out about his horrendous experience. So, let’s find out more about him then, shall we?

Who is Angelo Garcia?

BornIn Brooklyn, New York, Angelo GarciaResolved to audition MenudoWhen he saw a TV advertisement in Puerto Rico. AtIt is now, AngeloHe was on vacation to his family. ThenHe was only 11 years old when he joined the boy group in 1988. The world seemed to be his. However, Angelo quit MenudoIt was almost three more years later. YearsLater, he shared the ordeal he endured as a child.

AngeloWhile he was a part of the team, he felt that the working conditions were terrible and that the hours were too long. of Menudo. FurthermoreHe claimed that they made the boys work, even when they were sick. AtOne point. AngeloHe mentioned that he performed the feat despite severe pain in his abdomen, which was later revealed to be a result of a medical condition. Appendicitis. AccordingThis happened because of him ofThe working conditions and the diet that he was subject to at the moment.

ManyMany years later, AngeloTalked about being sexually abused as a child by a neighbor, when he was just 8 years old. SadlyThe singer claimed that he was molested as a member of the band. of MenudoYou can also find them here. AngeloMen who were part of the group mentioned that they had met a man. ofThe administration would visit his hotel room to play cards with him and make him drink alcohol. HeI would fall asleep, only to wake naked. OnThe show. AngeloHe stated that he would get carpet burns to his face and it had happened multiple times.

Angelo added, “WhatIn my case, I can tell you. isThat Edgardo DiazThey were close friends and did not abuse me sexually. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to have suffered sexual abuse. I felt a sense of remorse for many years. of guilt. What did I do that caused me to suffer that?” EvenAfter you have left MenudoHe was sexually abused and raped by one. ofHis teachers were later on.

Where is Angelo Garcia Today?

AngeloUndoubtedly, he had a difficult childhood that was only made worse by his loss. ofHis father at the age of of 15. AfterThat was how his mother raised him. AngeloBisexuality is something he identifies with and he recalled that his mother wasn’t supportive of it when he first came forward to her. He added, “I carried a lot ofMy heart is full of guilt for being gay. ofFear because ofThe wrath of God. MyMy mother loved me unconditionally, and that is what she told me every day. ButShe was also afraid of that. TheFear of what society would do to me.”

Where is Ex-Member of Menudo Band Today? Update

Nevertheless, over time, Angelo’s mother came to support her son, and he considers himself lucky to have her. AngeloA psychology major, he put himself through college by becoming an exotic dancer. FloridaLater in New York. ApartMusicians are a great way to make a living. AngeloThis has been previously published Comedy Central skits. FurthermoreHe enjoys spending time outdoors. AngeloCurrently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, continues to make music and recently attended the Tribeca Film Festival.

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