Where is Ex-Member of Menudo Band Today? Update

When MenudoThe boy band “The Defiant” was created by Edgardo DiazIn 1977, nobody could have imagined this. ofThey would achieve meteoric fame in the years that followed. The boy band’s music was a hit with teenage girls, and the group had 32 members over twenty years. HBO Max’s ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ details the band’s rise through the years and the numerous allegations ofSexual abuse against EdgardoSubmitted by former members. Roy RosselloIn 2014, more than twenty years later, he shared his story with the band. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

Who is Roy Rossello?

Growing up, Roy lived quite close to Menudo’s offices, and he once stood outside Edgardo’s office when the band was in town in Puerto Rico. AtFans were attracted to this point. RoyTo sign autographs, assuming he would be a part of Menudo. AccordingTo Roy, EdgardoThis led to their meeting. However, Roy’s experience was far from pleasant after that. He said, “I began to visit his (Edgardo Díaz) mother’s house in Caguas (Puerto Rico), in which he gave me gifts, he gave me gifts, he could simply manipulate me, put it in my mind that I was going to be famous, that the time had come for my opportunity (sic).”

RoyAs claimed EdgardoHe fell in love with him and was the only one who got into the band without auditioning. However, RoyHe also said that the abuse started a few months prior to he joined the rest ofThe group. SoWhen? EdgardoVisited Roy’s house with the contract in 1983, the teenager was adamant about not going along. But his mother, who didn’t know ofThe abuse he had been subject to prompted him to seek a better life.

RegardingThe abuse Roy said in 2014, “YesThey abused me. It is not something I have ever spoken about because every moment in life has its time. Now I am spiritually ready for it. Edgardo Díaz sexually abused us. I was 13 years old, and it happened several times.” Furthermore, RoyIt is alleged that Edgardothreatened to kick him out ofIf he spoke to the group,

InAnother shocking allegation is Roy talked ofAn incident that took place at Puerto Rico party. He said, “AtThe last party I attended, EdgarMade Ricky [Martin]Dress up as a woman ThereI entered and ran. I called Robi [Draco Rosa]I ran, and he came and punched me while I was still running. I got to the street, and I was praying for a car to run me over.” Furthermore, RoyAs claimed Edgardo’s mother knew about her son’s behavior, adding, “SheWe knew about the disturbance. EdgardoHe was a pedophile. AndThese deviations were known to the mother of his.”

Where is Roy Rossello Today?

RoyHe always maintained that he only shared his story to increase awareness of what happened back then. HeHe also spoke about how the ordeal had affected him, even leading him to attempt suicide multiple times. Fortunately, Roy is doing much better today. HeLives in BrazilShe sings on and off, makes radio appearances, and seems to enjoy life. PreviouslyHe was also part of the inauguration. ofA reality show on which he first made the allegations. EdgardoHe was abused. ApartThis is it. RoyHe is now in the coffee business. WhileHe was married once and had children. isCurrently, there is only one.

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