Where is Ex-Member of Menudo Band Today? Update

Menudo’s music captured millions of teenage fans’ hearts starting in the late 1970s. WithAn ever-changing selection to keep the boyish charm ofThe group is still alive. MenudoMany members have been part of this group. ofThe group. HBO Max’s docuseries ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ features interviews with some ex-band members who talk about their time with Menudo. HoweverNot all ofIt is positive. Andy BlazquezWho was part of the group? ofThe 1990s lineup, which explains in detail the behavior of his peers back then. So, let’s find out more then, shall we?

Who is Andy Blazquez?

As a young boy, AndyWas in MenudoFrom 1991 to 1997 Since MenudoThe band is well-known for their consistent album output. They worked hard not only to record but also to promote and rehearse the songs. FurthermoreThe band made their money through merchandising. However, AndyOn the show, he mentioned that he never received a share of that. ThisThis is just a fraction of the story. ofA host ofBad experiences AndyThe docuseries will discuss these topics.

AccordingTo AndyWhile he was part of a group, there was extreme sexualization. of Menudo. ThereThere were many inappropriate jokes made around the children, which he remembered. EdgardoTalking about things such as anal sex in front ofThe children. InAnother incident AndyThe show stated that EdgardoSometimes, you would be wearing a small towel while talking to the children in the group.

InAnother incident that AndyThe docuseries details the moment he turned fourteen just after the release. ofAn album. ByHis voice changed then. ButAt the same moment, MenudoShe was scheduled to perform at the concert. While they practiced performing, the same didn’t happen for live singing. SoWhen the moment actually arrived AndyIt was embarrassing to be seen on stage. After that, he said that he didn’t feel supported by Edgardo. AndyHe added that he never felt good for his manager.

Where is Andy Blazquez Today?

Ultimately, AndyThat was my feeling. Edgardo failed the children and didn’t fulfill the expectations ofTheir parents. HeAdditional information was also mentioned on the show Edgardo’s behavior was often surprising; he would be nice to AndyIf they were only together, they would treat him badly in public. AndyHe left the band in 1997 and has done well for himself since then. Currently, Andy isThe founder of Create The Boxspecializes in 3D animation and website design. ItIt seems like AndyHas settled in FloridaBut travels to Puerto RicoOther places are also recommended. Furthermore, AndyHe has two stepchildren and a pet dog.

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