Where is Faye Yager’s Daughter Today? Update

As a documentary series that shines a light upon the reality of abuse from every conceivable angle, ‘ChildrenThe Underground’ can only be described as equal parts gripping and confounding. That’s because this FX original details every aspect of the network charming vigilante Faye YagerBuilt to protect both the children and the partners from alleged abuse, when the courts wouldn’t. TheHowever, the fact of the matter is that is that her covert operations have undeniable personal roots — her daughter MichelleAs a toddler, she was molested and no one believed her, despite medical signs.

Who is Michelle Jones French?

ItDuring the mid-1960s, 17-year-olds were still alive. Billie Faye Wisen(Now better known as Faye Yager) tied the knot with Roger JonesThey were only there to welcome their daughter Michelle JonesSoon thereafter. HoweverThe caring mother allegedly saw her husband molestation her 2-year-old daughter by wrapping her tiny hand around their genitals. SheShe tried to raise alarms but was ignored by everyone. RogerA claim that she was simply delusional allowed her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

FayeWe parted ways RogerShe was relieved to be free, but she didn’t know that her time in the mental facility would be used against her in the bitter custody battle. Michelle. SheSo they grabbed their daughter and ran. They returned when the daughter tested positive for gonorrhea. RogerIt was again granted custody. ThereforeHe continued to abuse the system, however, it seems. MichelleThroughout her childhood, she was like that isShe threatened to report him before he stopped at the tender ages of 12 and stop.

Where is Michelle Jones French Now?

FromWhat we can tell by the time Michelle was 16, her mother had to make serious efforts to ensure her well-being because she’d developed a drug habit and was pregnant by a “father unknown.” AccordingAn exclusive interview with People MagazineBack in 1989, Yara “regarded her daughter’s experience as a personal tragedy — a terrible but unique event” due to the abuse. Nevertheless, even though she can’t ever forget the past or the fact her father ended up being the first pedophile on the FBI’s Most Wanted List(for unrelated sexual crimes), she did continue.

MichelleAttended the UniversityOf Tennessee- KnoxvilleBefore you settle down in the SouthernShe has made a great living there and is now able to state her intentions. NotShe appears to be a loving wife and mother to at least three children (one of whom is her son). is in the military), but she’s also a serial entrepreneur who currently serves as a Freelance Executive Consultant. The Knox County resident’s previous ventures include StoneWall, Animal Element, LioraMany of her projects had included her love for animals in some way. DogsHorses seem to be her favorite.

As Michelle Jones FrenchRecently tweeted, it looks like she lives by the motto of “Don’t let your past define you! BreakLet go of the shame, and live!!”

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