Where is Fertility Specialist Today? Our Father Update

DirectedBy Lucie Jordan, ‘Our Father’ isA compelling documentary on Netflix. ItThe shocking actions of Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility specialist in IndianapolisUnbeknownst to others, he inseminated many patients with his own sperm. DecadesLater, many lives were severely damaged when the children he fathered learned the truth about their paternity. NotIt not only put them in a difficult position about their identity but it also destroyed the faith that his patients had in him and raised a crucial question about medical ethics. NowIf you have any questions regarding the current whereabouts of, Dr. Cline since everything became public, we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin.

Who is Dr. Donald Cline?

Zionsvilleresident Dr. Donald AKA Don ClineA well-known name in IndianapolisDuring the 70s & 80s. AfterHis undergraduate degree was obtained and then his M.D. Starting Indiana UniversityHe interned at Methodist Hospital. NotJust like that, he spent 2 years in America. Air ForceBefore being honorably discharged, he spent 12 years in the inactive reserve. InThe late 70s. Dr. ClineHis fertility clinic proved to be a blessing to many couples suffering from infertility. HeHis expertise was featured in many articles and magazines.

Where is Fertility Specialist Today? Our Father Update
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From1971 to 1981 Dr. ClineIt was a relatively new medical procedure that allowed women to get pregnant by artificial insemination. AsAccording to the doctor, his sperm donors are medical residents and he only used each one for three successful pregnancies. HeHe used fresh semen to treat the patients, but later in the 80s, he reportedly switched to frozen samples taken from frozen specimens Follas Laboratories, Indianapolis. HoweverThings took a surprising turn in 2014 when 34-year olds were able to drive. Jacoba BallardDecided to learn more about her ancestry.

BallardLogged on to 23andMe. This website is a genomics and biotech site that helps people connect with their lost relatives and learn more about their family history. SinceShe was 10 years old when she realized she had been conceived via a donor sperm. To Ballard’s surprise, she found out that she had seven more half-siblings born across the span of seven years, who shared the same father. HerMother then revealed that she had visited Dr. Cline’s clinic in 1979 for help and thus conceived successfully.

Gradually, BallardReached out to her other half-siblings, and they all discovered one commonality: all their mothers had visited. Dr. ClineTreatment and artificial insemination by donors. AppalledHere’s some information about her and her half-sibling. Kristy KillionYou can file a report at  Indiana Attorney General’s office. BothThe office interviewed both men and women. Marion CountyGrand jury.

InThe meanwhile, another one of Dr. Cline’s offspring wrote him a letter questioning his actions. He refused her claims and wrote back saying, “We used fresh samples collected approximately one hour before the insemination…I matched the blood type of the donor to that of my patient’s husband and also his general physical characteristics. I almost always used resident doctors, and most of them were married with children. AlsoTheir family history was completely negative for any familial diseases. This many years later, I could not possibly remember anything else.”

Where is Fertility Specialist Today? Our Father Update
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In January2015, the Attorney General’s office sent Dr. ClineTwo letters informing him that he was under investigation. HeHe stated clearly that he had thrown out all old patient reports and that only fresh sperm was used between 1971 and 1981. “I never knew the name of the frozen donors…I can emphatically say that at no time did I ever use my own sample for insemination nor was I a donor at Follas Laboratories,” Dr. Cline added. LaterThe laboratories didn’t have any record of him working with them.

In May2015, one of the half-siblings shared her story. Angela GanoteReporter for Fox59 news channel. TheThe latter reported the matter to the Marion County prosecutor Tim Delaney. Elsewhere, BallardAnd KillionI began to create a family tree using the information from those who had contacted me. It was concluded that neither Dr. ClineHad used sperm samples from a relative or his own. TheyThen, contact the following DougAnd DonnaHis children, with his wife Audrey.

DougHe shared that his father initially admitted to using his sperm only eight times, but later changed his mind and added a larger number. In 2016, BallardAnd KillonFinally, I went with four of my half-siblings to meet my biological father for the first and only time. HeThey were allegedly told by him that he had used his Sperm up to fifty times. After Angela’s report broke out, several new children fathered by Dr. ClineIncluding Matthew White.

Matthew’s mother LizIt appears that she feels like she was sexually assaulted by her doctor. He didn’t ask for her consent to use his Sperm. BasedAll DNA tests of half-siblings who reported their mothers approaching Dr. ClineHe was arrested for artificial insemination and two counts of obstruction. September2016. Attorney General’s office earlier.

Where is Dr. Donald Cline Now?

On December 14, 2017, 79-year-old Dr. Donald ClineThe two counts of obstruction of justice were pleaded guilty. HeHe was fined $500 but his one-year sentence was suspended due to the many letters that the court received attesting to his good conduct and his old age. During his sentencing, he said, “Out of fear, I acted alone and foolishly, I lied.”

Where is Fertility Specialist Today? Our Father Update
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AfterwardIn a May 2019 interview, Dr. ClineHe refused to comment on the allegations. HeIn 2009, he had retired from private practice. Medical Licensing BoardThis is IndianaIn 2018, he was banned from re-instating his license. AsAs far as we know, he currently resides in ZionsvilleHe has maintained a low profile since 2018.

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